What’s the Most Evil Thing You’ve Ever Witnessed? Here’s What People Said.

The world can be an absolutely terrifying place…so you gotta watch your back.

And today we’re gonna hear some stories that prove it.

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1. Disgusting.

“Applied for a summer job in the boonies and was denied since they rehired the guy from last year. Two weeks later, they call to see if I still want it. I take it and my boss tells me why.

The guy had a 13 year old autistic step daughter that he was m**esting and his wife knew. He got her pregnant, so they hid her at home and took her to the nearby Amish for a live birth.

The Amish thought it was really odd and told the local police. That’s when they found out he was r**ing the stepdaughter and that the wife knew.”

2. Never caught him.

“A dude broke into a house in our neighborhood, tied and beat up the person living there (an 80 year old lady, living alone) and stole all her valuable stuff.

She managed to crawl out the window when the robber was distracted, limped over to her neighbor, and rang him out of the bed at 3 am. He didn’t hesitate, got the old lady in, locked all the doors (just in case the robber would try to harm her further and immediately called the police and an Ambulance).

I live in an very rural area. The kind of area where you don’t have to lock your car or worry about robbers. So this happening so close by… That hit me. The old lady is doing fine again, but the robber was never found.”

3. Pure evil.

“I work in child protection.

A young kid (maybe 4-5) d**d from their physical injuries from being beaten black and blue regularly. The two siblings were locked in a room together and one (I think 3ish) watched the other d** from these injuries in there.

Safe to say the second kid is significantly traumatised and didn’t speak for a couple of years after.”

4. Empty.

“When my wealthy grandfather d**d he left me 100k for school and life. I was 15. My uncle who was a business owner convinced me to make him custodian of the inheritance.

We went to Merrill Lynch and had multiple meetings on how the money would be grown and by the time I was 21 could be worth half a million. I signed the papers.

Fast forward two months later. My uncle unknown to me emptied the account and took the money. He moved to California. I found out months after that when on a whim I looked at the account and found it empty.


5. Horrible.

“In high school I helped handicapped kids learn to swim.

Favorite kid was persistent, loved the water, really happy and engaging, but at 12 was all of three feet tall, struggled mightily out of the water, had an odd skull, was severely mentally and physically challenged.

I asked if he’d ever get better or grow, and mentor said no – he didn’t have a condition per se, had been a ‘normal’ kid until his dad threw him down the stairs as a baby.”

6. They deserve more than that.

“I was working for the county coroner, some years ago. Child gets brought in, newborn. Frozen solid.

Turned out the parents had drowned and strangled the child, then stuffed the body in the freezer while they thought about how to dispose of it. They moved, and forgot the kid in the freezer.

They each got more than a decade in prison.”

7. Should have reported her.

“An older woman (grandmother?) walking into a big box store pushing a carriage with what looked like a 6-9 month old baby girl riding in it, quietly.

The woman bent over and bit the child’s arm and the child lost her breath first then started crying and screaming hysterically. This happened 5 years ago and it still haunts me.

I asked her why the f**k she did that, she shook her head and said she didn’t speak English.”

8. Creep.

“My sister in law at age 27 yelling/taunting her grandma, then holding her by the shoulders and shaking her while physically blocking her from getting up from her chair over grandma eating the blueberries from blueberry cake.

Her grandma is frail and cancer ridden.”

9. Attacked.

“My SO getting stabbed 7 times by a random stranger in the middle of a restaurant. It was horrific.

After a week in the hospital with a collapsed lung and chest pump, a couple surgeries to get rid of the old blood in his lung, a wrist break, and obvious lasting mental trauma, he’s made a full recovery.

It was traumatic to say the least.”

10. It gets worse.

“Human rights monitoring of mental health institutions in South America.

People living in open wards with out shoes or shirts, without bed linens, tied to bed frames or wheelchairs with ripped fabric, defecating on the floor, r**ed and human trafficked by guards (and getting impregnated), staff stealing medications and equipment, guarded by a**hats with machine g**s.

It gets worse from there.”

11. Awful.

“Saw someone throw a kitten out their truck’s window on a very busy road. Immediately k**led by a semi truck.

Wanted to chase them so bad, but it was a left turn with no light. Had to wait forever.”

12. Makes you sick.

“I’m a Paramedic, and where I work we see plenty of gang v**lence, domestic a**se, drug overdoses, reckless driving, and cardiac arrest. Lots of evil in the mix.

However, I’ll never forget the domestic a**se call that resulted in the husband pouring boiling water on their infant daughter. He showed no remorse.”

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