What’s the Most Paranormal Thing That’s Ever Happened to You? Here’s What People Said.

I’m a sucker for a good ghost story.

Am I really a believer? I don’t know…but I sure do like hearing the stories about people who have encounters with the paranormal.

And we’re about to read a book of good ones.

Let’s get creepy with AskReddit users.

1. A few things…

“A few things.

So my house is haunted, my bedroom at my parents house is in the basement. First time: I was lying awake in the middle of the night in my bed, and I suddenly saw this glowing orb float from the door up to my vent. (My vent is right above my bed) I’m not joking. Then it disappeared through the vent. Second time: I was eating my breakfast and out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing a shadow.

It looked so much like a human that at first I thought it was my step dad! Then the next time it happened, it was the same thing with the orb except it disappeared under a sponge (?). My mom was there and we started talking about it and we brought i up to my stepdad and he said that my dog had randomly been baking in the direction of the stairs. I was pretty creeped out.

A few weeks later, my stepdad said that he saw a shadow of a head on the stairs and that my dog was barking at it and the (ghost) knocked over his backpack. Really freaky, right? One more thing, new years eve, (going into 2020) my mom and I were playing the game of life, and suddenly (it was almost midnight) my dog started barking at the corner. I’ve heard footsteps and other things when I was home alone but those were the main things.

Also bonus, at my dad’s house, that one is haunted too. At night, my stepmom once saw a girl running past her bedroom door. She thought it was me but I was sleeping. We’ve also heard someone running around upstairs while my brothers are taking their nap.

It wasn’t them…”

2. My cat…

“This involved my 17-year-old cat. Reagan was a good girl and had lived a long life. She was, unfortunately, suffering liver failure.

She had been hospitalized and had received the best medical care, but our veterinarian said her chances were not good. We fixed her a soft bed on the sofa so she could look out and see birds. She was so weak and we knew it was just a matter of days until we had to help her cross over. That evening I was walking into the upstairs bedroom. When I opened the door, Reagan was sitting on the floor in front of me.

I stepped aside so that she could run downstairs. I shouted to my husband that Reagan was coming down the stairs! I was so excited that she had the energy to run! My husband said no cat was coming down the stairs and that Reagan was asleep in her bed. I am a grown woman. I saw my cat and stepped out of her way as she ran. The next morning she was too weak to walk and we helped her to cross over.

I will always believe it was her sweet spirit that I saw. It was getting ready to leave her body. I miss her so.”

3. The voice.

“I was out walking my dog years ago a dog that has long since gone over the Rainbow Bridge. I had my headphones on and Penny my dog was running along in front of me.

I couldn’t hear anything but suddenly I heard my Nana’s voice shout at me get Penny in to the side of the road. I yelled to Penny to come in and I got her in and safe just as some idiot sped around the corner at breakneck speed. If I hadn’t got Penny in when I did she would have been hit. And I wouldn’t have been aware of the car coming If I hadn’t heard my Nana calling.

And I heard her voice as clear as day. The only thing is though is this. When this happened, Nana had already been dead for 4 years.”

4. Haunted bathroom.

“No one in my family believed me about this, but one of the bathroom’s in my school is haunted. In the mirror you always see odd figures, but when you turn they are gone.

If you stay there too long, like about 5 minutes, you will feel a cold wind. Even if it is hot outside. One of the rooms is always janky, but the room always changes. I’ve seen people go in, and not come out.”

5. Grandfather.

“I was around 11 or 12 and was lighting the fireplace (which we used as a heat source, it wasn’t just decorative), and as usual used a little kerosene to help get it started (the wood was a little damp, so was hard to start otherwise, and we’d been using the kerosene for a long time and it worked well).

Unbeknownst to me, my brother had accidentally put gasoline in the kerosene container when he refilled it and I didn’t notice the difference in smell.

So I leaned in with a match and lighted it and was rewarded with a huge fireball out of the fireplace. I panicked and froze, but my dad was in the room and I felt him grab me by the shoulder and yank me back to safety, and I suffered no serious injuries, just some singed hair. My shoulder was a little sore from being pulled back so hard, but I was thankful that he pulled me back so quickly.

When we told mom what happened and I said that dad saved me he said “No I didn’t, I was on the other side of the room so could only watch in horror”.

My grandfather had passed away a month prior, so to this day, I think it was him that saved me.”

6. Home alone.

“When I was 10, I was home alone for the first time. I was watching TV and the connection cut out, which was unusual.

In the silence that followed, I heard what sounded like crying coming from the other room. I was so scared that I shut my eyes and started singing.

After about a minute, the crying got louder and then abruptly stopped, and the TV immediately came back on. It still terrifies me to this day.”

7. Reaching out.

“Had a friend who was murdered.

I was about late teens, early twenties. Everyone knew who did it and he was not a good guy but my friend was (very respected and loved). The next morning I wake up to my bed violently shaking. Like, slamming against the wall.

My cat was on the bed and just took off running like a bat out of hell. It stopped and no one was there. I called crime stoppers that day from a payphone.

They told me I wasn’t the only one. I wonder if he reached out to others as well.”

8. Ken.

“A long time ago I hung out with an odd bunch of people. Ken was one of them and he kind of acted as a big brother and watched out for me.

But he was from another part of the country and he got word that his mom was sick so he packed up and left. Time passed. I lived in a house on a dead end that had 3 houses on it. One night I was coming home from work and pulled into the dead end street and saw Ken at the front door waiting for me.

But when I pulled up, I couldn’t find him. I walked all around the house; there just wasn’t any place he could have gone. He didn’t have a car anyway, but went I met up with the rest of my friends I asked if anyone had heard from Ken. He’d been at my house and I couldn’t find him. Does anyone know if he’s back and where he is?

It got awkward; finally someone told me Ken was dead. He’d been in a car accident and didn’t make it.”

9. The Thing.

“A few months ago, I woke up at 2:00 am because I felt too hot. When my eyes adjusted to the dark, I froze.

Something. Just standing there. Staring. I rubbed my eyes, hoping that I was just imagining it. Nope. It was still there. I wanted to scream. But I didn’t. I was too scared. I slowly grabbed the covers and scooted under them, wheezing. (I had a sore throat.)

When I woke up the next morning, everything was the same.

I still see that… Thing sometimes. And yes, it was the same thing that I posted about in “What was the scariest dream you’ve ever had?”.”

10. The longhorse.

“Ever heard of the longhorse? Yes it’s basically a horse skeleton thing with an infinitely long neck and a horse skull with no jawbone.

If you dream of it there will be disaster the next day (not caused by the long horse, but by something else, the long horse warns you).

Well, I did dream of the long horse one night. The next day was actually disaster, there was a huge windstorm and a lot of power outages everywhere.

I would count that as a disaster? I don’t know about other people. It wasn’t scary, necessarily, but it was really strange, you know?”

11. Random dimes.

“My wife has always found dimes in random places, she says it means her grandad is saying hello and that she’s “on the right path”.

I’m not a superstitious person at all, but I definitely started to notice when it happens, and it’s fairly often, like at least every few weeks.

Then it started to happen to me. I don’t notice any other coins on the ground, and even tried to keep an eye out because it sounds too coincidental.

Then, we had just started looking for a new place to rent, and the first place was amazingly perfect. I wasn’t excited about the price but then I heard my wife make a gasp/screech type sound from the bedroom.

There, on the hard wood floor, in an otherwise completely empty house, were two dimes. Rarely do things give me gooose bumps like that. We’ve now lived here for 3+ years.

My wife has vowed that it wasn’t her doing.”

12. What was that?

“I had moved into a house with my wife, and dog Vegas who was a 4 year old Husky/Shepard cross.

My wife, who is a nurse, was working night shifts so I came home to find Vegas at the top of the basement stairs growling. He NEVER growled or barked, ever. He was a nervous dog and was scared of most things.

My basement at the time was undeveloped (no lights or anything) and I thought someone had broken into our house and was downstairs. I walked downstairs (as Vegas stayed at the top) with my phone light and when I got to the bottom so half a floating woman for about 3 seconds and then she disappeared.

Once she disappeared, Vegas stopped growling and went and laid down.”

13. “The scariest thing ever.”

“I’m going to try to condense the story because it’s long. But basically, back in approximately 2012 my kids and I made a last minute trip up to Payson (Arizona) for a family reunion.

They talked me into staying as they had rented a huge camp ground that is used by the girl scouts every season. This meant that in the back room of the cabin there were approximately 30 bunk beds. It was a long rectangular room with beds lined up on one wall and a few on the opposite wall.

On the opposite wall there were beautiful picture windows over looking the mountains. I have three kids so we picked the last two bunk beds all the way to the right side of the room in the corner opposite of the windows. We pushed them together so we could have more “bed space” and we could share blankets and have body heat. This was about end of August beginning of September so although its still hot during the day it gets cold at night up there.

Any how right next to the beds on the small wall was a door. I believe it was a utility room or something but it was creepy. My oldest daughter and me slept on the bottom and my youngest slept on top. I remember falling asleep and feeling that drifting feeling when all of a sudden I was standing and looking at my own body. At first this did not worry me because I had studied Astroplaning most of my adult life, and I was excited that I had finally done it.

For those that don’t know, astroplaning is where you leave your body and travel. Anyhow…. all of a sudden there was this huge shadow behind me, this thing had to be 7-8 ft tall. HUGE. He grabbed me from behind and started DRAGGING me towards the creepy door. I couldn’t fight because he had me in a bear hug. I tried screaming but I couldn’t push barley any air out.

Suddenly I knew that if he got me through that door I would die, and the kids would find me like that in the morning. I was watching my body lay there and struggle for air. I tired one more time and yelled my daughter’s name as loud as I could. In an instant She woke up and grabbed my arm and pulled (my real body) and simultaneously my spirit self slammed back in my body and I woke up gasping for air.

She was about 8 or 9 at the time and is 18 now, she remembers this incident clearly. I can only assume a demon came for me that night. I had just gotten my Bachelor’s degree in ministry. I can only assume satan was none too happy about my faith and my degree.

It happened again about two years ago, but luckily I was prepared this time and was able to not even let it grab me. That was definitely the scariest thing ever.”

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