What’s the Worst Thing That Is Legal? Here’s What People Said.

Our world is filled with enough injustices and failures to fill a million history books.

It’s just a sad, but true, fact of being a human being on planet Earth.

And some of the things that are totally okay, at least by the standards of the law, are enough to make any person shake their head.

People on AskReddit talked about the worst things you can do that are still legal.

1. Wow.

“When corporations are fined millions of dollars for breaking the law they can write it off on their taxes.”

2. Creepy stuff.

“Conversion therapy. ”

‘Hey, let’s make children hate themselves so much that they’ll either lie about who they are for the smallest crumbs of validation or just commit suic*de! Either way, that’s one less gay to worry about!’

Now excuse me as I go throw up.”

3. Preying on people.

“The Payday Loan industry. Legal money sharks who prey on folks with poor credit to borrow money at insane interests rates (700+%)

Here’s how it woks. You need to borrow $700 until your next payday. On your payday (2 weeks from now) you will need to pay back $854 (700 plus interest.) If you don’t have $854 to part ways with in 2 weeks, no problem! Simply pay the interest ($154) and roll over to the next payday.

Still don’t have $854 on your next payday? Cool, just pay the interest and roll it over another 2 weeks. You could roll it 3 times before we asked for the full amount.

The place that I worked at would allow customers to take out a new loan after that 3rd roll to start the process all over. This place had customers who had been stuck in this cycle for YEARS.

I worked there in 2008 for about 5 months. Xmas came and the big boss asked why our default numbers(people past due on their payments) were so high? I said, “If I were in our customers shoes, I would be buying presents for my kids and trying to feed my family instead of paying on this loan.”

He grunted and snarled at me. Then I gave my notice.”

4. A monopoly.

“The way that Comcast has somehow managed to become a monopoly in so many areas, like the area I live in.

I despise Comcast.”

5. Pretty bad.

“Maybe not the worst, but I hate people who market “alternative medicine” to vulnerable people.

I only really experienced it last year when my mom had to get treatment for cancer and did some research online.

There were so many companies that market essential oils and things like that as a genuine alternative to chemotherapy.

I just think it’s f*cked because they’re targeting people who are scared (who wouldn’t be scared of chemo?) and putting them in real danger.”

6. Law and order?

“Cops are allowed to lie in interrogations.

Lots of false confessions made by people that are told their DNA is all over the crime scene, etc.”

7. Sweatshops.


Businesses earning big cash on paying their workers a wage that is barely enough to survive, making them do a mindless boring job 14 hours a day.”

8. Non-stop fees.

“Banks charging fees for literally everything: withdrawal, text notices and small but frequent amounts I don’t even know what were for.

And also scamming people with interest rates, loans, taking their houses etc.”

9. Gay panic.

“Gay panic defense.

I knew a Marine once that killed a s*x worker abroad because he found out they were a pre-op transgender woman after they were back in the hotel and had already started having s*x.

He murdered her and then went back to the ship. Spent some time in prison and was released recently.”

10. Too many lawsuits.

“Lawsuits over every little thing.

They’ve ruined peoples sense of personal responsibility”

11. Privatizing gains.

“The way corporations privatize gains while socializing losses.

They have always found loopholes to do this even in ordinary times, but during this pandemic it is frankly nauseating to see how many companies are taking government assistance in the form of emergency relief, employee pay assistance etc., and then still turning around and paying dividends to shareholders, CEO bonuses etc.

It’s impossible not to see how the rich get richer and the rest of us get poorer – shareholders get guaranteed gains even at times when these business claim to be floundering to the extent that they need an injection of public money – which the rest of us will be paying for in taxes for years to come.

The rich will of course also find some loophole to avoid paying those taxes as well. So there’s that…”

12. Bad parenting.

“Women being able to have child after child even when all their previous children were taken from their custody due to drug use and neglect.”

13. Creeps.


I cannot for the life of me understand how is it legal to stalk a person for blocks and blocks sticking a camera into their face and even take pics of their minor kids.

And don’t come at me with the “celebs knew what their were singing up for when they got into Hollywood”.

They’re human beings too, they deserve an ounce of privacy.”

14. Good point.

“US politicians having no term limits.

Like dude, you’re 78 and you’ve been in Congress for over thirty years.

You’ve been in politics since the civil rights movement.

Time to retire.”

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