What’s Your Biggest Non-Work or Non-School Accomplishment? People Responded.

Even if something doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere in terms of school or your career, you can still be proud of it, god da**it!

Maybe you drank a whole 12-pack in under 10 minutes?

Perhaps you slept for a consecutive 48 hours?

Whatever it is, I’m proud of you!

What’s your biggest non-school, non-academic accomplishment?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. Good for you!

“I flat out slapped this random man on the street after he grabbed my a**.

My hand shook for almost the rest of the day but I was so proud of myself!”

2. Congrats!

“My step kids removed the “step” portion of the label by asking me to adopt them as adults.

They did the research to make sure it was doable, and I did all the paperwork on my own, and now I am dad of 3 rather than dad of 1!”

3. Proud husband.

“Not that exciting, but I’m still pretty proud: winning a blue ribbon at a state fair for my strawberry jam.

My husband loves to brag about it, and it makes me feel pretty special when he does.”

4. What a feeling.

“An artist at a major animation studio saw my fanart and shared it on their Tumblr, they commented on how funny they thought it was.

That was years ago but it felt great.”

5. Lifesaver.

“When I was a kid, I saw a guy passed out d**nk on the side of the road. Neither of my parents noticed, so I said something.

We went back and my dad went to check on him. It was around 20 degrees Farenheit out and he was wearing a thin jacket and pajama pants.

My dad (who is a paramedic) told me I quite possibly saved his life that night.”

6. Stand your ground.

“I stood up for myself with my family and set boundaries. Then I actually kept them.

I had a very a**sive and traumatic childhood.

Standing up for myself when I was a child always resulted in pain of some kind. This was a huge step for me.”

7. Wonderful!

“I moved to a foreign country where I knew only one person and didn’t speak the language and managed to independently make it and now I call it home.”

8. Pool shark.

“I ran the pool table.

After the other person broke, I sank every single one of my balls and the 8-ball in one turn.

A stranger came up to me said it was one of the greatest things he’s ever seen.

I think about this often.”

9. Back at it.

“My stroke recovery.

I can walk, use my left hand and I can cook again.

Things aren’t perfect but considering that I couldn’t pick my head off of the pillow the day after last Christmas I am doing fantastic.”

10. Doing good work.

“I volunteer for an animal rescue.

Last year, I vaccinated just under 600 cats & kittens.

My only qualification is that I also shot a lot of drugs into myself in the 1970s.”

11. Amazing.

“Went from living in the homeless shelter to owning the homeless shelter to help other people get back on their feet like I did.”

12. Wear it proudly.

“I ate a triple burrito in one sitting ten years ago, for which I won a t-shirt.

I still wear the shirt from time to time.”

13. That’s intense.

“I recently squatted 495lb.

Felt like my soul was leaving my body.”

14. Very cool.

“I briefly became a published comic book author as a side hustle.

My first issue sold out at a retailer level across the globe on day one.

Super proud of that.”

Now tell us about your biggest non-work or non-school accomplishment.

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Thanks a lot!