What’s Your “I Told You So” Moment? People Shared Their Stories.

Isn’t it just so satisfying to say “I TOLD YOU SO” to someone?

I sure think it is!

And we’re about to get a whole heaping helping of good stories today!

What’s your “I told you so” moment?

Here’s what folks said on AskReddit.

1. Come on, Mom.

“My mom was going to school to be a nurse at this time.

I use to go on these long hikes in the mountains behind my house in Southern California. There is lots of poison oak, I had I had it pretty frequently. Our dog would even give it to me on her fur.

I started getting these red bumps that popped up on my skin that itched. My mom gave me calamine lotion and tea tree oil, but it wasn’t working.

I told her, I’ve had poison oak, this isn’t poison oak. But she didn’t believe me.

This went on for 6 months until she took me to a doctor. First doctor looks at it and doesn’t know. Second and third don’t know what it is.

The fourth takes one look at it, says that’s scabies, use this lotion and take these pills.

Two days later it was gone. Six months of that though.”

2. You’re wrong.

“Someone started talking about a bottle of Newman’s Own salad dressing while at dinner with my family and I said something like “I’m pretty sure that was started by the Actor/Race car driver Paul Newman.” to which one of my siblings replied “No it was someone else”.

I grabbed the bottle and turned it around and started reading the label out loud. The first sentence was “Paul Newman’s career was acting, but his passion was auto racing.” I stopped reading after that.”

3. Not worth it.

“I’ve talked about this cheating scandal at my high school before. Something I never mentioned was my friend was about to ask for the answers to a test that he really needed.

Told him not to do it, wasn’t worth and all. Thankfully, he didn’t do it. When the whole scandal came out, three kids got expelled, eight suspended, I know a dozen more were caught but I don’t know what happened to them.

My friend’s teacher ended up giving him and a few other kids an A just for being honest. Apparently, he was one of the few kids in that class that didn’t cheat.’

4. Total gross-out.

“This dumb **shole woman wouldn’t leave the llamas at our petting zoo alone, even after I warned her.

Eventually they had enough and spit alllll over her. Green goopy spit from head to torso.

She threw up a bunch and I laughed. Until I smelled it and then I was retching too.”

5. Home renovations.

“Helping a (former) friend do some renovations in a house he had just purchased.

I had better than half a clue what I was doing, and my other friend who was with us definitely knew what she was doing, but the guy who owned the house hardly knew which end of the hammer to grip.

We get down to the foundation walls and there is an almost brand new 4×4 post running from floor to ceiling that he thought was “ugly” – I tried to explain to him that it was clearly load bearing, and my friend chimed in that it was obviously there for a reason, but his reply was something to the effect of girls being hysterical and mocking us for thinking the ceiling was going to fall down.

I literally backed away from the situation and when he took a maul to the beam and knocked it loose I watched the ceiling drop. He still thought I was overreacting until we got upstairs and saw the 3” gap between the floor and baseboards along the front wall of the house.”

6. Well, you were wrong.

“Went to the doctor on and off for breathing problems to no avail. A lot of “rub some dirt on it” mentality.

Wound up in the ER as a result of an asthma attack. Kept the bracelet on and everything when I went back the next week to see him.”

7. Can’t do that.

“My Dad had a bad habit of driving down the middle lane for a whole mile while he commuted back from his weekly shopping trip. I always warned him that he can’t be in that lane for that long, but he always wrote it off, saying it’s fine.

Finally, after doing this for two years he was pulled over by the police and ticketed. He was upset that day, but all I could say is, I told you so.”

8. Ouch.

“Just left a job where I handled their order fulfillment and customer support.

Due to lack of sales I was pushed to part time working from home and focusing on customer support; my position was handed off to a salaried employee who had no clue how to operate shipping and wouldn’t dare to ask me how to utilize our discounted shipping.

Instead he shipped at regular pricing costing the already broke company nearly $10,000 over a span of 6 weeks. I warned them a few days in about the issue but they wouldn’t believe me and allowed them to continue going down that road.”

9. Always use the front pocket.

“My brother had a really bad habit of putting his wallet in the back pocket of his pants and going to work and busy places all around the city. You could practically see it sticking out of the pocket.

I warned him many times over the years that he’s inviting himself to be robbed, that a skilled thief is gonna swipe it off easy without him having any clue. He ignored me saying he was too mindful to let that happen.

One day he came home looking ghastly as hell. Turns out he indeed got robbed. Lost all his debit cards, government issued ID cards and a ton of other important stuff besides money.

I literally said, “I told you so.””

10. What did you expect.

“So I was throwing knifes at a tree. And my father told me to be careful cause the knife could bounce off of the tree.

I didn’t see that to actually happen. So I continued throwing knifes at the tree and then it happened. A knife bounced off of the tree and hit me in the foot. When he went to go examine how bad the wound was, he asked me how it happened.

I told him the knife bounced off and hit me in the foot and then he said I told you so.”

11. Creep.

“Church I went to as a teenager and, along with my friends, telling the leaders there that something wasn’t right about the youth pastor and his behavior was… off.

Nothing was done. We eventually all left.

Two years later he punched a kid on a retreat, while it turns out he was fu**ing the pastor’s wife the whole time.

I fu**ing TOLD YOU.”

12. A gnarly scar.

“When I was about 15, I got my dirt bike out in the spring to get it tuned up and running after being stored all winter. The rule was that I had to have my MX boots on and a helmet at all times if I were to ride.

As I’m walking out of the house to start the bike with tennis shoes on, my mother tells me I’m not getting on that bike without gear. I assure her I’m just trying to start it. She grew up around motorcycles and told me those boots protect you even when trying to start the bike. I give her this “ya ya, I’ll be fine” response and she tells me not to come crying to her if I bust my shin.

Que 15 minutes later. I’m frustrated that I can’t kick start the bike and start rolling it down the driveway to roll start it. I pop it in gear, the rear tire locks up, and I SLAM my shin into the metal foot peg. So good that I chipped bone and have a gnarly scar over 15 years later.

I tried to hide it…. but it was impossible walking back into the house with shorts on and blood gushing everywhere. It was such a bad wound, there was no stitching it.

Guess who always wore their boots from then on?”

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