What’s Your Weirdest Opinion That You’ll Always Stand Behind? Here’s What People Said.

We all have those certain beliefs and opinions that make other people look at us like we’re nutcases.

Hey, it’s just the way it goes!

And you shouldn’t be ashamed of it!

AskReddit users shared the weird opinions they always stand behind.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Agreed.

“The word “hero” is overused and has no meaning anymore.

Most of the time it’s applied to people who are just doing their jobs.”

2. Can be toxic.

“Self love can be toxic as hell.

If you’re a bad person, don’t learn to love yourself.

CHANGE yourself into someone you could love.”

3. Not for everyone.

“You don’t need a “serious” reason (such as mental or chronic illness) to not have kids.

It’s okay for you to just not want to be a parent.”

4. All the time.

“McDonalds should serve lunch all day as well.

Sometimes I am tired of McDonalds breakfast and want a cheeseburger at 6 am.”

5. Are you Cheech or Chong?

“Too many m**ijuana lovers make it their entire personality and then they’re always the ones who shreik about how pot isn’t addictive. Literally anything can be an addiction for someone.

You’re not cool and interesting because pot is your entire life, you’re a one dimensional background character with a thc flavored coating.”

6. Over it.

“I h**e summer.

I live in the southeast, and the heat and humidity can f**k right off.

I h**e being hot and sweaty every time I walk outside 5 months of the year.”

7. Creepy.

“”Smart home” thermostats, lights, and locks are creepy as f**k.

If you can control your entire home via your computer, then so can someone else.

I will never have any of that installed in my house.”

8. I wish.

“The government should just send us a bill for what we owe in taxes (US opinion).

Why are we figuring out our own taxes when they know the answer already? (I know… the tax industry…).”

9. Not a fan.

“Vegan cat food is a f**king disgrace and if you feed your cat vegan, you are a cat k**ler.

I will not ever think otherwise.”

10. Not sure how I feel about this.

“Sandwiches must never be soggy or greasy.

The point of the sandwich is to keep your hands clean while you eat.”

11. You’re not alone.

“Homeowner’s Associations are the actual worst, and do no objective good for the neighborhoods they oversee.”

12. Don’t even worry about it.

“People wearing T shirts with bands/brands they haven’t heard about is absolutely fine.

Maybe it was given to them by an elder sibling, maybe they bought it from a thrift store, maybe they just liked the design. They don’t have to get a PhD in Pink Floyd to have a prism logo on their shirts.

Their money, their choice. It’s not an invitation to quiz them on the band and berate them.”

13. Human decadence.

“F**k lawns. We should all be doing permaculture gardens instead.

The most irrigated crop in north America is fu**ing TURF GRASS. We perform marvels of human engineering to pump water into deserts to water a plant that we proceed to cut down every single week and it drives me utterly bonkers. You know where lawns came from? Landed English gentry.

It was a way of saying “oh look at me! I’m such a foppish dandy that I have all this land and I can grow something worthless on it because I don’t even need it to feed myself! Tallyho peasants and pour me a cuppa!”

Yeah know why that s**t works there? Because they only see the sun once a f**king year if that. They don’t need to water s**t.

Seriously. Lawns are the pinnacle of human decadence and if aliens ever invade they would be 1000% justified in exterminating our species over them. Grow a f**king garden and lower your grocery bills instead, my gods.

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