Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solved Puzzle That Surprised Even Pat Sajak

Image Credit: YouTube

After all of these decades hosting Wheel of Fortune, you might think that host Pat Sajak has seen it all – and I imagine that he is pretty hard to surprise at this point.

Not impossible to surprise, though, as he found out when he watched a contestant solve a puzzle he honestly couldn’t believe.

Image Credit: YouTube

The contestant’s name was Helen, and even though she had a fair amount of letters already on the board, they weren’t in an order that was super helpful as far as figuring out the rest of the word.

Her first word, for example, looked like this: _ _ _ _ ING.

So many possibilities, right? How could you possibly guess that correctly on the first try?

The second word was a bit easier: _ ITH, but her third and final word looked darn near impossible: I _ E _ S.

Image Credit: YouTube

When I watched this video I had barely gone through a couple of options in my head before Helen was blurting out the correct answer like some kind of clairvoyant.

Pat was amazed as well, asking how she managed to solve it and often learning that it was simply a hunch or a lucky guess.

Check out the video below to watch Helen solve the puzzle and see for yourself whether you would have been able to solve the thing in the same amount of time – I know I definitely wouldn’t have!

What’s the craziest solve you’ve seen on Wheel of Fortune?

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