When Did You Realize You Had a Bad Therapist? Here’s What People Had to Say.

I’ve had a couple of friends tell me they had bad experiences with therapists and it really surprised me.

And it also kind of bummed me out…

I mean, if you’re paying good money to talk about your problems with someone, you’d hope it would be worthwhile.

But these folks had some pretty bad experiences…take a look at their stories.

1. Liar.

“I went to an appointment and the door was locked.

I waited 15 minutes and called him. No response. He texted me back a few minutes later and said he had the flu and was in bed and sorry he didn’t call to cancel.

I went to the grocery store instead. I saw him shopping. He ducked when he saw me. I never went back to him.”

2. Uh oh.

“When he was on the news for banging a client. It was his arrest photo because that’s a crime.

He was our marriage counselor, and he was married. So was the client…”

3. Creep.

“I was 13.

The therapist was an older woman who, upon first meeting me, insisted to my mother that I was on drugs (I wasn’t) and that “clearly” my father and/or brother were m**esting me.

My father and brother have never, ever touched me inappropriately. This was one sick b**ch who needed help herself.”

4. Jerk.

“Recently started therapy and had about 5-6 sessions with the same guy.

The last two sessions he was either late or had shared some bad news going on in his life, and had multiple uninterrupted rants of 15+ minutes or more where the subject matter was only tangentially related at the absolute best (it wasn’t).

During those rants, name dropped public figures in my sphere and told secrets about them. Unprofessional and sloppy.”

5. A real mess.

“Had a psychiatrist spend at least 20mins ea appointment telling me all about his house woes. Trying to fix it up so they could sell it.

Such a hassle, agents cost too much, people backed out. He was rich af, the house was like a mansion on the side of a mountain, and he took me on as a favour. I was spending hundreds of dollars I didn’t have to hear about his troubles.

Also he told me my ptsd wasn’t as bad as the navy officers he had as patients who had to pull bloated dead bodies from the water. So I should be grateful.

I ended up having to see a psychologist to get over my psychiatrist. It was a mess.”

6. Thanks for sharing.

“We sat there in silence for a few moments and then he said, “I’ve been doing coffee enemas”

Dude what. That was the last time I saw him.”

7. All about you.

“She stopped me in the middle of a session to tell me that the real problem was that I made everything about myself.

Which would have been a valid point, had she not continued “Like right now, you’re just talking about yourself, and about your life. Every week you just talk about yourself. You know I just had a baby a few months ago (before I ever started going to her), but you never ask me how that’s going.

You never ask me about my life, or my friends, or my relationship with my husband. If you’re like this with everyone in your life, I can imagine why people don’t like being around you.” I left super ashamed and never went back.”

8. Whoa.

“He told me several times how pretty he thinks I am.

He also refused to believe me when I said I think have PTSD.

I definitely had PTSD.”

9. Are you bored?

“I went to see him in emotional distress, at first I thought he was having a bad day, stifled yawns, staring blankly needing queues to respond to questions then asking me to repeat the question.

I served him at my place of work 10 years later, he had no idea that he saved my life because I was so angry I complained to the health commissioner & it gave me a purpose to live to ensure nobody else got that c**ppy therapy when in dire straits.”

10. That worked out!

“My husband and I went to a marriage counselor who was going through a divorce. She was so bitter.

We went to two sessions. She really succeeded in uniting us in our dislike of her.”

11. Awful.

“When I disclosed that I had been s**ually a**aulted at a party in college, he told me it wasn’t “real r**e” because they hadn’t tied me up.

Made me blame myself for years…ended up diagnosed with PTSD from the s**ual as**ult over a decade later.”

12. A**hole.

“He broke confidentiality and told my girlfriend what we talked about in therapy.

He is so lucky I didn’t report him.

Two sessions later, he referred me because my problems were “too dark.”

F**K that guy.”

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