When Did You Realize Your Relationship Was Over? People Shared Their Stories.

It’s always tough when a relationship ends.

Whether you’re the person doing the breaking up or the one getting dumped, it really sucks…

When did you realize your relationship was over?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Oh, boy…

“When I got a Facebook message from another dude saying “your wife is cheating on us.”

He thought we had one of those open relationships.”

2. Jeez…

“My dad lives in Boston and I visit him yearly. She didn’t wanna go with me, which is fine, but she was mad at me for going without her.

I paid all the bills and she lived with me and was “between jobs” for the past 8 months. So I just said f**k it and went to see my dad.

First day of the trip I get a Facebook message from a dude telling me that my GF had invited him over and they had s** and he went to look up her IG and saw pictures of us. He found my Facebook and sent me a heads up.

I knew instantly that our faltering relationship of 5 years was over that instant. Thank God I had my dad there with me to give me his sage advice.”

3. It’s over.

“When I was crying more than laughing.

Constant hurt and confusion.

I didn’t feel like the love was reciprocated.”

4. Back and forth.

“He kept breaking up with me and then making up with me.

Broke up with me on my birthday (because he wasn’t getting my undivided attention as my best friend was there), called me for 6 months after trying to get back with me.

Called me a “fu**ing weasel”. His family still tries to reach out over 11 years later.”

5. Trapped.

“I realized that I wouldn’t care if he cheated on me and would’ve been quite happy if he left me for someone else.

I felt trapped and didn’t know how to leave at the time.”

6. Red flags.

“I’d lost most of my friends, my anxiety was always getting triggered, she yelled and screamed at me every day for two years and when the beatings started, I realized the last good week we had was when we got married.

Did therapy and got myself back on track, now I’m dating my best friend and she makes me feel like a king.”

7. You asked for it!

“My ex (who was a major control freak) worked for an attorney. As a tool to get her way, she would prepare divorce papers and bring them home.

The third time she pulled this, I signed them and made her file them. Game OVER.”

8. Yikes.

“I was happily married for 12 years. No relationship issues at all. Fully in love. Faithful to her since day 1.

Then I got an STD.

That’s when I knew…”

9. No sympathy.

“I was in a car accident, and he picked me up. Immediately drove me to work. And then ignored me the rest of the day. Didn’t ask how I was.

Didn’t express any sympathy. I would’ve gotten more compassion and care from a stranger. Hell, my brand new coworkers were more concerned than he was.”

10. Time to go.

“When I realized I only smiled, laughed and had fun when he wasn’t around.

When he was, I walked on eggshells so he wouldn’t get mad.”

11. Controlling.

“The night he told me that I was no longer allowed to drive anywhere by myself – that he would keep the keys and I would have to ask him to drive me places so he knew where I was going and who I was with.

I was gone the next day after 16 years.”

12. That’s all, folks!

“When I decided to not text her to see If she would ever start a conversation, and she did not text me for an entire month.”

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