When Did You See Someone Ruin Their Life? People Shared Their Stories.

Life can sometimes be a game of inches.

And it can also be a game of seemingly inconsequential decisions that end up impacting lives in huge ways.

It’s sad, but true…

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about how they saw people ruin their lives.

Take a look…

1. Scary.

“A girl from college tried to k**l me over an argument.

I was hospitalized for 3 weeks with 4 surgeries total. She can’t leave the country, can’t study in a college (banned from both private and goverment run ones), has to wear a ankle monitor for 22 years, forced to pay a big amount of money to both me and the goverment and gonna spend 12 years in prison with no chance of parole.

She was in one of, if not the best engineering school in the country and threw them all into the trash for a petty argument.”

2. Terrible.

“A friend’s older brother suffered from depression. He wasn’t married and no kids.

But he had a decent job and a nice house so he was doing okay for himself. Decided one day to go out to his work truck, douse himself with something flammable and set himself on fire. In front of coworkers.

One of the coworkers managed to put him out and call an ambulance. He lived but was badly burned. Took a very long time to recover. And is now badly scarred.”

3. Horrifying.

“Former co-worker, who had a good thing going at work and was married with kids, solicited a minor over Instagram, pretending to be a teenager that was her age.

I read the article about it. It was completely horrifying. He started with trading pics and worked up to making her do some sick s**t and send him videos. Eventually the girls parents found out and the FBI eventually got him. He’s currently doing 20 years in prison.

What’s horrifying is that I knew this guy from work. There was nothing to indicate he was capable of THIS, but I guess there never really is, because they hide it well. He destroyed his own life as well as his family and that poor girl. I’ve known plenty of f**k-ups over the years but nothing on this level.”

4. Out on bail.

“Probably my friend who was out on bail for some minor felonies (marijuana possession and fleeing/eluding) and he then chose to shoot up a house and got hit with attempted m**der.

Another friend was in a gang dispute and shot at the individuals, he got insanely lucky and was given 48 months of probation. Violated it and now he is serving that in prison instead.

A family friend’s fiancé left him so he started doing drugs. Skipped rehab and got set up in a drug deal. Got caught with a gun. Lost his cat, motorcycle, car good paying job and house.”

5. Downfall.

“My best friend had a bad breakup and lost his kids.

Started doing m**h, then had two car repossessions happen to him because he was using his money for drugs.

I saw rock bottom happen in front of me. He’s doing much better now!”

6. Blew it.

“A friend of mine decided to date a guy substantially older than her, and became nothing more than an extension of his bum self.

No identity and no direction in life.

She just goes wherever he goes.”

7. Crack is whack.

“My cousin had 7 strokes because she wouldn’t stop doing crack.

Every time the doctors warned her and every time she did more crack.

She h**ed life and had given up.”

8. Fire.

“My former classmate ended up in prison for arson.

From what I read in the news he said he was doing it because he was fascinated by the fire department and how they operate.

Used to be a volunteer fireman too back in the day.”

9. Wasted life.

“Two buddies of mine have d**d from h**oin overdoses. Both had kids.

Another was high and nodding out at the wheel and drove into a family with two newborn babies. He’s in prison now.

It’s a terrible drug that all addicts will inevitably d** from. You don’t see too many elderly h**oin addicts.”

10. Bad choices.

“I work for an automotive assembly plant, it’s probably one of the best paying jobs around in a several county radius, bar none for people without college degrees or trade skills. It’s tough work at times, but the pay and benefits aren’t anything to scoff at.

I’ve seen on multiple occasions people I’ve once respected, who held leadership positions at that company, end up throwing away their marriages, $250,000+ houses, their relationship with their kids, the respect of their peers, their financial stability, and eventually even their jobs because they hook up with some “hot piece of a**” they meet at work and start making terrible life choices, borrowing money from people they work with with no intent to pay them back and just spiraling into utter misery.

May not be the worst way to ruin your life, but it really puts it into perspective how easily you can p**s away a good life just by leaning a little ways into temptation.”

11. Heartbreaking.

“I had a friend who wanted to go out and try to be a professional wrestler.

In his very first match he took a piledriver landed on his head the wrong way and paralyzed himself in front of a crowd of 15 people at some gym show.

Now he can’t function, sh**s in a diaper and I’m sure he can barely talk.”

12. Dad.

“My dad adopted a new family 3 days before Christmas then picked up the bottle again about a year after they moved in. He “called out sick” for our Christmas this year.

When going for a new job he told them that he was drinking every night despite the doctor having him on high blood pressure meds. (Also then knowing he was a recovering alcoholic…) lost that chance.

Started losing family when he was telling us (kids) that he wasn’t dating the lady but kept telling his ex wife (my mother) they were dating.

All the lies and manipulation… losing the family, and somehow my brother who believed in him so blindly.”

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