When Good Experiences Turn Bad. These 13 People Share Their Relatable AF Stories

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Nick Fewings

If there’s anything you can take away from a bad experience is that you learned something. No matter how embarrassing, humans can bounce back to later laugh about them. But often times we may find a normally enjoyable experience gone wrong, thus ruining it forever. WTH?

AskReddit asked, “What is something you can no longer enjoy due to a bad experience?” And these answers are relatable AF!

13. Could have been worse


Bit part of my tounge off because I accidentally had my mouth open after realizing I was making a b-line towards a large rock. Thankfully I missed it by about 2 to 3 feet, but that nub of my tounge did not survive. Luckily it grew back because the chip was barely small enough to where it could heal. Extremely lucky things didn’t end up worse for me that day, but you can rest assured I’m never doing that again.

12. Good food turned bad


One night I ate it for dinner and later threw it up in bed. To this day I don’t know my reasoning but in my drowsy state I decided to just go back to sleep and I woke up laying in a mix of vomit, chunks of meat, and beans.

11. Try, Try, never try again

Jumping on trampolines, just because I tore my acl 3 times

Edit: Not at the same place, I first tore my acl in 2nd grade at school, then 6th grade, right after the California wildfires, then a few months ago, when I got home from lifting buckets, all of them was painful, but the last time I was able to walk after a week

10. We’ve all had this college experience


Had a realllly bad experience once. If I even just smell black licorice my mouth will start to salivate like I’m going to vomit exorcist style everywhere

9. I smell a turning point

I used to love chicken tikka.

A ex co-worker went through a period of not washing for several days at a time and the smell was really close to chicken tikka. The smell of chicken tikka now makes me feel sick.

8. Leggo of the Eggo

Eggo waffles.

Ate them every morning before late elementary and middle school. I was never a morning person, so shoving frozen waffles covered in butter and maple syrup at 6am while horribly under-slept was never enjoyable. And now I can’t eat them because I flash back to the general feeling of dread from every morning. I can still feel the knots in my stomach.

7. That’s just bananas

Eating bananas.

Me and my friend were at lunch and as he bit into his banana it crunched. He looked at it and the center of the banana was infected with a red crunchy fungus. This ruined bananas for me.

6. Being strung along

Playing the violin.

I was in six grade and just started to learn the violin. My family didn’t make much but my mom saved some money to rent a violin for me. I go to the class and the teacher was under the impression that I knew the basics, which I didn’t. I did take a class before this one but I didn’t learn much from it (probably cause I was a crazy kid). So I try to tell the teacher that I have no idea where the notes on the violin are but he just didn’t get it. Then we get a quiz where we have to play the scale and one by one each student plays it and he remarks after each one, “good job A+”. Now it’s my turn, I tried my best but I couldn’t do it, my teacher said “well… That was not good” and continued on. Needless to say I joined choir the next day.

5. Dominos: “Oh, yes we did.”

Domino’s pizza.

I got a mouthful of clumped hair when I bit into a slice. I hate hair in my food. It’s one of my gross-out factors that will kill my appetite. With that pizza, I brushed it off the best I could because I was starving and grabbed another slice. Mouthful of hair again. I had to pick long strands of hair out of my teeth. No more Domino’s.

4. The Taco Tuesday Takedown

Taco soup.

This lady made it for us but found out later she has HORRIBLE cooking habits- like cross contaminating cooked chicken and shredding it on the same board you had it raw…or using long-expired taco seasoning and who knows what else. I got food poisoning and puked it all up. The horrible smell I can just think about and get nauseated. Thankfully I can still eat regular tacos ..but taco seasoning outside of actual tacos I cannot do.

3. “Stealing” more than her husband

One particular female name.

I used to love it. Always thought I’d name my daughter this name if I had one. Then a woman with this name tried to start a affair with my (thankfully oblivious) husband (sent him provocative photos under the guise of do you think guys like these types of photos from women, asked him what he liked in bed and how she just happened to love those same things, etc). It ruined the name for me. It makes me irrationally angry every time I hear that name now which makes me even more mad because I loved the name for so long.

2. Watch out for the big monster

Watch any Godzilla movie.

When I was eight-years-young my mother rented the movie Godzilla that I was waiting for months to see. She played the movie and leave the room (she went out to buy groceries). Turns out it wasn’t Godzilla, it was hard core porno movie that the renter misplaced and I watched the first half confused because I thought at some point I was going to see Godzilla. Then my mother came back from the store and realize what happened, she went back to the movie store to storm it I believe.

1. Scarred for life

Car sex is ruined for me.

One time had a cop pull up next to the car… can’t come back from that one

From food to Godzilla, cops and more – no good experience is immune to “life”.

Hopefully these folks can look back and laugh a bit!

What about you? Let us know if the comments!