When is It OK To Give Unsolicited Advice To Parents?

If you’re a parent reading this headline, you might think that the answer is never – and honestly, I think I secretly agree with you. Even when dealing with family or super close friends, bringing up each other’s kids can be a touchy subject.

This woman thought she was justified in telling her cousin that her daughter might benefit from having her own space and own room, but things didn’t exactly go as she’d hoped.

Her cousin has a 3yo daughter who currently cosleeps. She’s also an Instagram “influencer” in her spare time.

I (25F) have a cousin (34F) “Rose” who is a small-time influencer on Instagram. She has over ten thousand followers for her fashion, lifestyle, and artistic posts where she usually poses in photoshoots. This is not her main source of income, but a hobby she does in her spare time.

Three years ago, Rose gave birth to my niece “Daisy” (3F) who she adores and they currently co-sleep in the same room.

When OP was visiting she made a comment about the daughter moving into the second bedroom at some point since the cousin is pregnant.

The cousin laughed, saying that it would interfere with her second career and end her ability to influence, so the daughter would be in her room indefinitely.

Rose currently lives in a nice two bedroom home, where the second bedroom had been converted into her “Instagram photoshoot room” where she takes her pictures and stuff.

Last week, when I visited her home, I asked her when Daisy would be moving into the second bedroom so that she could get her own space.

Rose laughed at me, and said that Daisy would sleep in her and her husband’s room forever because the second bedroom is reserved for HER Instagram room.

When OP mentioned this might not be what Daisy would want as she got older, the cousin told her to mind her own business.

I told her that maybe this would pose to be an issue because as Daisy grows up, she might need her own space to grow and might need a place for her own private thoughts. Rose then told me that if she gave up her Instagram room then her influencer life would be over and said I should just mind my own business as Daisy is not my child.

She and her husband are currently trying for baby #2 and I feel really bad for Daisy as she’s gonna have to be squished in a bed with her mom, dad, and a brand new baby. But maybe I did overstep, am I being one of those people who tell others how to raise their kids? AITA?

OP is wondering now whether or not she overstepped, and Reddit is coming in with some surprising opinions (if you ask me).

The top comment says that as long as she didn’t harp on it, mentioning it once was fine.

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And maybe OP will have a friend for life in a few years.

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Surely she didn’t mean indefinitely indefinitely, right?

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Because they definitely will need a bigger place eventually.

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Hopefully she’ll be open to listening to what her daughter wants once she’s old enough to vocalize it.

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This is a tricky situation, and honestly, I’m surprised that almost none of the comments suggested that OP had overstepped, because it really is none of her business and the little girl hasn’t said it bothers her, either.

What do you think? Are you feeling as judgmental as these commenters? Drop your thoughts in the comments!