When Is The Right Time To Tell A Date About Your Prosthetic?

Dating is hard. That’s a full statement on its own, but for people who struggle with issues related to their appearance – superficial things that shouldn’t bother potential mates but often do – it can be a whole other can of worms.

This girl lost one of her legs as a toddler and has had a prosthetic ever since. She’s been dating this guy for a few months but the topic hasn’t come up – they obviously haven’t been intimate – so when this incident occurred, he was still in the dark.

I (22f) have a prosthetic leg, I lost my leg when I was 3 years old in an accident and honestly I don’t remember a time without the prosthetic it’s just normal to me.

I’ve been seeing a guy (25m) for a couple of months, but the subject of my leg hadn’t come up yet.

That is until he accidentally broke a vase against her (fake) leg and panicked that he had hurt or cut her in the process.

A few days ago I was having dinner at his place as he cooked for me, when he was setting out the food he bumped into the table and the vase went flying off and smashed against my prosthetic leg.

He freaked the f**k out in a blind panic wanting me to roll up my trouser leg in case I was hurt asking me over and over again if I was ok.

She ended up having to remove her leg to reassure him, but instead, the fact that she’d kept it a secret for so long just made him mad.

 I admit I was startled and relieved it had been that leg and couldn’t help laughing and I reassured him it was fine over and over again but he didn’t believe me and demanded to see so to prove it I removed my prosthetic leg showing it to him and explained the situation and how i’d lost my leg when I was little. I then told him it was fine if it was that leg and I was just relieved it wasn’t the other.

He got upset with me for laughing clearly embarrassed by this situation and was more upset that I hadn’t told him about my leg yet, I apologised and explained it’s not exactly an easy thing to work into conversation organically and i’d have for sure given him a heads up before we slept together for the first time as no one wants to discover that the hard way.

They finished their date but the mood was clearly ruined. He texted her later saying that he needed some time to think, so now she’s not sure whether or not she’d done something wrong.

He cleaned up the glass and I put my leg back on and we had dinner though the mood was ruined and he was clearly unhappy with me.

Later I got some texts from him saying he felt really upset that I hadn’t told him earlier and how he’d been worried and i’d laughed. He has said he needs time to think about some things.

My laughter wasn’t at him more the shock of the situation and I tried to explain that but he has asked me to give him some space, I had been planning to tell him but it’s not like you can just say “hey oh btw I only have one leg that cool?” naturally in a conversation.

Was I the a**hole here?

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To be fair, it can be hard to bring tough topics up at the beginning.

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