Which Letter Doesn’t Appear In The Name Of A Single U.S. State?

I know that you’re sitting there already trying to figure it out after reading the headline, but get ready, because it’s not as easy as you might think. I mean, I love a good brain teaser and I bet you do, too, so maybe you think you’re up for the challenge.

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Whether you’re going to start guessing randomly to rule some out or are more of a methodical thinker, I promise you this one isn’t so simple. I know it took me longer to get there than it really should have, knowing the answer.

It’s one of those that seems a lot more obvious from the other side, to be honest.

And yes, that’s sort of a clue.

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There is only a single letter in the entire alphabet that’s doesn’t appear in the name of a single state – so have you figured it out yet?

Obviously it’s none of the vowels, and some people might start by ruling out the letters in the name of their home state. If you don’t find the answer quickly, though, going through letters from beginning to end will start to get tedious fast – so maybe you’re tempted to guess.

How many guesses did it take you? Did you get there?

Are you ready for the answer?

How about now?



Looking back, maybe choosing one of the less commonly used letters should have been more obvious, but I bet many of you went for others, like maybe J, Y, X, or Z before heading back to the middle.

Go on and tease your friends – you know you want to!