Which Video Game Franchise Should Be Revived? Here’s What People Said.

I haven’t played video games for quite a long time but I remember my glory days when I played a ton of Nintendo as a kid…

And I miss a lot of those games!

I’m talking about Contra, Excitebike, Kung Fu, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, etc.

What video game franchise needs to be revived?

Folks on AskReddit shared their thoughts.

1. Ahead of its time.


Loved the mechanics of those games.

That game was way ahead of its time. Two big open world maps with destructible environments and tons of things to do.

I don’t know how that thing was able to run on a PS2.”

2. Just imagine…

“Black and White.

Imagine that game with updated AI for the creature.”

3. Please!

“F-Zero. Please!

F-Zero on modern hardware would be eye-melting.

I remember playing Wipeout on PSX and feeling that way.”

4. Another level.

“Legacy Of Kain/Soul Reaver.

The storytelling was on another level.

It’s time to see those pillars and the vampires restored.

And something done about the Hylden and Elder God.”

5. Wanting more.

“The Jedi Knight series.

I feel like doesn’t get enough credit for the platform gameplay, especially Academy.

I would love to see more.”

6. SSX.


What I loved about SSX3 was the sheer absurd “arcadey” uber system and points that you would accumulate. It was addicting trying to fit in the most spins, rotations or tricks to get SUPER UBERRRRR.

Like that feeling of just pure momentum and power from getting all your tricks lined up one after the other was chefs kiss

Aside from that, it had a super deep customization system for a game like this with stats and cosmetics and various playable characters. Really great to be able to unlock mountains but then upgrade your character to take it on, whether you spin fast or handle better.

My only fear is that, being an EA title, there is no doubt in my mind it would never come back the way we’d imagine. You’re going to get micro transactions out the ass for things like cosmetics or even stats. God forbid you introduce loot boxes into the franchise.”

7. It’s been ages…

“No One Lives Forever.

It’s been ages, and I’m much older so my tastes may have changed, but I recall it being funny and actually fun, with enjoyable stealth mechanics and decent shooting.”

8. Bring it back.


Starfox on the Nintendo 64 is still one of my favorite games of all time.

I guess arcade style games went out of fashion shortly after that, but it really is an amazing game.”

9. Doh!

“Simpsons Hit and Run.

Like Grand Theft Auto for kids.

The storytelling and satire was pretty good in that game.”

10. Big fan.

“Wii sports.

I played the boxing game so long one night that the next morning I had to have my now-wife help me put my shirt on for work.

Couldn’t bring my arms back without k**ling my shoulders.”

11. Don’t leave money on the table.

“Silent Hill.

If this doesn’t happen in the next few years, then Konami is just leaving money on the table.

The last few Resident Evil games (of which 7 and 8 bear some definite PT inspiration) prove that AAA horror games can be successful and massively lauded, and considering the fact that SH and RE are basically the two titan OG horror franchises, I’d think developers would want to pick up the gauntlet that Capcom has essentially thrown down.”

12. Always amazed.

“Sleeping Dogs

Not really a franchise, but I’m continually thoroughly bummed we never got a sequel.

Everytime I replay it I’m always amazed by how great that game is.”

13. Still think about it…


I still think about Ultima IV, where the goal was not to k**l some bad guy, or find a treasure. But to become an avatar for the virtues.

Then we got Ultima V, which was basically a fantasy story of a fascist government run amok.”

14. It’s time.

“Twisted Metal.

I still have the first 3 games. But Twisted Metal 2 will always be my favorite.

It was the first game where the story actually got to me. Namely with Grasshopper’s victory ending.

F**k, it still depresses me.”

Which video game franchise would you like to see make a comeback?

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