White Woman Earns ‘Anti-Karen’ Title After She’s Filmed Yelling About Voting Rights

Whenever a video of a white woman complaining hits the internet, you can be assured she’s destined to become the next “Karen.” After all, there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of epic incidents captured on video to show just how ignorant some “Karens” can be.

However, this time, a viral video of a white woman screaming has earned her the “Anti-Karen” nickname. That’s what happens when you’re caught on camera making an impassioned plea for voting rights.

Thanks to CBS46 freelance reporter Barmel Lyons, the entire world can meet Anti-Karen. She posted the video of the woman yelling about voter oppression on Twitter, and it has since blown up across the social media sphere.

So how did this all begin?

In early June, Georgia held a primary election that featured ridiculously long lines and voter repression. Given the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic, that only made the situation worse. Citizens rightfully grew frustrated with the process. But none expressed their outrage more profoundly than Anti-Karen.

In the video, she explains that she ran for office before and actually worked for Barack Obama in the White House. Of course, that might be difficult to verify, but we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

“This is wrong! This is America. Please, god, help us. I mean it.

This is a crisis in our world to make us not exercise our right to vote. I tweeted all the major networks, so, everybody tweet the networks! The radio stations, everybody, please everybody.

We can not tolerate this. I love you! I love civil disobedience, let’s work together. I have to go home to take medicine, but I love you.”

The Anti-Karen drew plenty of support on social media for speaking up about a major issue that concerns civil liberties.

Despite being from New York, even Murray understands that this issue is bigger than a single state. And thanks to Anti-Karen, perhaps more people will be active in making sure voting rights are no longer suppressed.

Have you ever witnessed someone making an impassioned speech in public? How did you respond? Did they deliver a powerful message?

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