Who Is the Most Evil Person Alive? Here’s What People Had to Say.

If you had to pick one person in the world that you think is the most evil human being on the planet, who do you think you’d choose?

A world leader?

The head of a country?

Someone on television who spreads untruths?

A notorious criminal?

You know this question will inspire some interesting answers!

So read on and see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Disappeared.

“Pedro Lopez.

One of the most prolific serial k**lers in history who may have k**led 300 people as of 1998 when he was released.

He was released from prison and his whereabouts are still unknown since 1998.”

2. War crimes.

“Henry Kissinger, unfortunately.

Dude has been instrumental in the concept of continued nuclear armament as well as continuing to spread the idea that we should use them tactically on the battlefield.

He egged on the Vietnam War and is, just generally speaking, a really s**tty guy.”

3. Evil couple.

“Karla Homolka.

She helped her r**ist husband, Paul Bernardo, level up to m**der in the early ’90s. Her first victim was her 15-year old sister.

She’s alive and doing relatively well. She was even volunteering at a middle school for a little while as recently as 2017.”

4. Horrific

“Josef Fritzl.

One of the worst cases I have ever heard of. Fritzl imprisoned his daughter in a tiny basement under his home for 24 years. In those 24 years of imprisonment, Fritzl constantly r**ed his daughter, resulting in several miscarriages and seven children.

Three of the children remained with their mother Elizabeth in captivity, three were raised by Fritzl and his wife, Rosemarie, and one was k**led by Fritzl after birth, and disposed of in an incinerator. Fritzl would show Elizabeth p**n videos, which he would then force her to re-enact them with him, in front of her children, to humiliate her.

Fritzl has previously also kept his mother, Maria, imprisoned in the same basement, and probably s**ually a**sed her too.

Josef Fritzl is now serving a life sentence, and the Fritzl residence, as well as the basement where Elizabeth was imprisoned, can be visited in Amstetten, Austria.”

5. Terrible tragedy.

“Anders Behring Breivik.

Norwegian mass shooter k**led 8 people with car bomb and then traveled to an island where a summer camp was held and k**led 69 people in an hour using a rifle.”

6. No consequences.

“Joseph Milton Blahyi.

He’s never faced any consequences or jail time for the atrocities he directly commited in Liberia during the civil wars.”

7. Epidemic.

“What about the Sacklers?

They have taken a good thing, opioid pain k**lers, and dialed the marketing to over 9000 fully aware of its effects and dangers just to make quick buck and caused the opiode crisis.”

8. Not a fan.

“Rupert Murdoch.

His media empire is the voice of everything and everyone that is trashing this planet.”

9. Bad news.

“Mohammed bin Salman al Saud.

Plenty of Saudi leaders from the past could qualify. This guy is among the worst. Most people know the Khashoggi story. That’s bad enough. But to MBS, this was part of a larger pattern of extra-judicial k**lings that is common in the kingdom. I mean, if you need to know how weak the dudes temperament is, he has a beef with Canada. Canada! Who gets in fights with Canada?!

He’s cracked down on feminists because why the hell not. Don’t want one of you wives getting any big ideas about, you know, having freedom.

He hacks the phones of people like Jeff Bezos.

Ok, maybe that was fine. Bezos is a dweeb. But still.

He uses beheading as his method to execute critics.

Even if he were your standard, democratically elected leader there would be plenty to criticize re Yemen and other matters. The dude is bad news bears my friends.”

10. Dictator.

“Kim Jong-Un.

What he has and will continue to do to his people is so underreported it’s a shame.”

11. Awful.

“The woman who lied about Emmitt Till.

It happened in August of 1955.

After WWII, after Korea, only a year after Elvis’ first hit, and Disneyland had just opened up only a month prior.

It was A LOT more recent than people think.”

12. In Brazil.


This dude is a cold MF, he lies through his teeth. He got better at lying and shows no remorse whatsoever. He completely neglected Covid.

He could’ve saved thousands of thousands of lives only if he had bought vaccine before, but he just didn’t reply to the email. Look it up.”

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