Winners Donate a Lot of Money, and 4 Other Secret Truths About People Who Won the Lotto

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I’m not sure it’s much of a secret that sometimes lottery winners struggle to handle the sudden, major influx of cash.

It’s an adjustment for anyone who comes into money quickly, I think, but lottery winners are like a secret club that you get into whether you like it or not.

A few of them are below, ready to spill what it’s like after the ticket has been cashed.

5. They do get new friends.

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Not everyone can jet off to Singapore for the weekend, and even if the lottery winner was willing to pay, people still have to work and stuff!

Better to find someone else who has time and money to spare.

4. You might not be able to stay anonymous.

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Many states have laws that require you to do a news conference and take a photo holding up a big check with your name on it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be in disguise… but that doesn’t exactly mean you can be anonymous.

3. They’re still considered “new” rich.

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Even though your rich new neighbors didn’t technically earn their money either – they probably got it from their family – they’ll look down on you for the way you came into yours.

The good news? You’re still rich. For now.

Sad news? 70% of lotto winners eventually go broke.


2. They typically donate a good amount.

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Lottery winners are great about sharing the love…at least before their irresponsible money management forces them back into the ranks of us regular folk.

1. They hate when people ask them about money.

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If you wouldn’t ask a regular person the question about their money – where they keep it, how they invest it, how they spend or save it – don’t ask a lottery winner.

It’s just bad manners.

It might be an adjustment, but it’s one I’d be willing to make.

If you’ve won the lottery, tell us in the comments what your experience was like!