Woman Asks if She’s a Jerk for Not Making Sure Her Broke Roommates Ate Dinner

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AITA for not asking my boyfriend to buy dinner for my broke roommates?

“A little backstory: This includes me (F), my 3 roommates (all F), our friends who live in the same building (both M), and my boyfriend. All of us are 18-20.

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and I’m away at college so we have a 3 hour ldr. He comes to visit every other weekend. He lives with his sister and pays rent/utilities. He has a car he’s paying off. He works 40-50 hours a week for $17. Ok, so, every other weekend he’s in the city with me.

We usually go out for dinner at least once over the three days he’s in town, and sometimes we go somewhere casual and sometimes we’ll go somewhere more fancy and expensive. He specifically sets money aside for when he’s in town with me and for dinner. Like I said, he pays rent and bills. So he’s not rich. The problem is that one of my roommates seems to think it’s unfair I go get dinners with him.

Everytime she’ll tell me “He should take us all out, it would only be fair”. Meaning her, my other 2 roommates, and our other 2 friends. And she wants him to pay for ALL of it. For 7 people total! The first few times she said it I laughed it off because it seemed like a joke. She finally made it clear she’s not joking, she’s serious. She thinks it’s unfair I get to go out and get nice dinners with my “rich” boyfriend when she can’t afford it.

She has a skewed idea that he’s rich because he’s not in college and has a job. I told her when she gets a boyfriend she can go out on dates and she said college boys are broke. I said date someone who’s working and not in college, she said all those guys are weird. I said he can’t afford to pay for everyone, and she laughed it off and dropped it.

Next time we went out to dinner and came back, she said the same thing and I ignored it. I think it’s super rude and weird she expects him to buy 7 people dinner. Her and one of my other roommates seem to have no sense of boundaries that hes My boyfriend (Ex: saying they love him, saying he’s all of us roommates boyfriend, asking him to clean their rooms and do their laundry while we’re in class).

Let me also add, if we go get food on campus I usually don’t eat bc I don’t have a meal plan like my roommates. I’ve never complained about it and she’s never offered to buy me food.

AITA for not asking him to buy us all dinner?”

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