Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Being Rude and Leaving a Wedding Early

Weddings can bring a lot of emotions to the surface…and that’s not always a good thing.

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AITA for being surly, rude and mean at a wedding and leaving early?

“I was asked to be a member of the wedding party.

Despite this, I was THE ONLY person, not only in the wedding party, but also at the ceremony, who wasn’t allowed to have a +1. This was an outdoor wedding with unlimited seating and these people don’t give a s**t about COVID so it wasn’t about that.

I was told it was because my relationship wasn’t “serious” enough despite us being together for a year. That only engaged or married couples were invited. And that they didn’t want “some random guy” in their wedding pictures who “I might not even be with” later in the future. They don’t want to “have to look at some random guy in their pictures” even though he wouldn’t have been in any of the posed pictures at all. Maybe just in the background of crowd shots.

There have been NO conflicts between them and my boyfriend and he’s a nice and mild-mannered guy who gets along with everyone so I don’t think it was about him personally.

I get to the ceremony and find out that literally everyone else has a +1, not just married couples, but there are couples there who have been dating for less time than me.

This is when I started feeling surly. I smiled and played my part during the ceremony but inside I was very surly and angry.

We then got to the reception which had way more people than the ceremony. This is where all the “more distant friends” were invited. AND EVERYONE THERE had a +1. I was literally placed at a table as the one single person and everyone else at the table was a couple. Some at the table were other members of the wedding party, but others were random distant acquaintances.

People started asking me where my boyfriend was and I said I was told he wasn’t invited. They asked why and I said I had no idea why. This is when I started letting my surliness show and started acting rude and mean, because I was humiliated.

AND THEN, I was “brought into conversation” with the couple’s male friend, Dean. I was previously told that Dean has a crush on me and I made it clear I wouldn’t be interested even if I were single. Even after that he kept trying to message me and I ignored him.

But now the people who “brought me into conversation” with Dean were like standing around staring at us and giggling behind their hands. Like they thought they were Cupid matchmakers. Dean was absolutely a participant in this

I was meaner to Dean than I’ve ever been to anyone in my entire life. I was as fully rude as I’ve ever wanted to be when being the target of someone’s romantic interest unwantedly. It’s true I don’t really know if I was being set up but I was already furious before that happened. Everyone was silent and awkward.

I went back and finished my meal, and as soon as I was done, picked up my purse and left and went straight to my boyfriend’s house, skipping most of the reception, cake cutting, speeches, and everything.

I’m now being told by the couple that they’re “hurt and confused” why I left so early. I haven’t replied.”

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