Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Ditching Boyfriend on Their Anniversary Date Because He’s Chronically Late

Have you ever stood someone up for a date?

And to add on to that, have you ever stood up someone you had been dating for a while?

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Check out this story and see if you think this woman acted like an a**hole for what she did to the guy she’s been dating.

AITA for ditching the date and leaving my partner “stood up”?

“I am a 27F attorney, dating a 33M programmer. He’s constantly late for things and has always had problems with keeping track of time. There have been times when we have made plans for a date and he would just go missing in action for hours, only to respond after he was already late.

Given how hectic my work schedule is, I try really hard to set time for him on the weekends and he has often 1. full on not responded when asked about plans 2. has left been waiting alone in restaurants for at least an hour each time. I know he has mental health issues and has struggled with going out to meet people so I try to be more patient/forgiving but sometimes I do still end up blowing up at him when he is late.

This time it was our anniversary, I found the place, booked in way in advance and got there on time. I texted him asking “hey are you on your way” and he left me on read. After waiting 1 hour, I basically texted him that I was incredibly pissed that he’s doing this again. I left and he eventually told me that he got there 1.45hours after when we planned to meet.

He then called me say that he was really sorry, please come back and that he was really trying. I lost my temper and yelled at him that he didn’t care about my time, he always leaves me waiting like a dog for when it suits him and that the least he could do was at least WARN ME that he was going to be late. He said that I didn’t respect him for trying/his mental health and how difficult it was for him to even meet me. He admitted that sometimes, once he’s late he even procrastinates more because he doesn’t want to deal with the consequences of it.

I admit that I am a stickler for time, time is very important to me and now with work, it literally means I can’t do other things because I just spend so much time waiting for him. I am so pissed because it just feels like irresponsibility. AITA for expecting him to be on time or at least tell me if he’s going to be late?”

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