Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Getting Angry at Her Brother-in-Law for What He Said About Her Life

Everyone is on their own path and everyone takes their own time to get to certain milestones in life…if they get there at all.

Also, let’s keep another important thing in mind: it’s no one else’s business what other folks do with their lives!

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, check out this story and let us know if you think this woman was wrong for how she responded to her brother-in-law.

AITA for my response after my BIL told me I’m 35 and still don’t know what I want?

“So, I’m the eldest of 4 siblings (I’m 35F) all of my other siblings are married and have kids.

I’m not married (had 3 long-term relationships that ended badly) and I have no kids. It’s been 6 years since I’ve dated and my family keep pressure me to look for “my future husband” and start a family cause I’m too old to wait any longer. It’s hard to do that with all the trauma and hurt that I carry.

They say they want what’s best for me and are worried I might end up an old lady with only a cat living with me. I do feel alone sometimes but I like it that way, at least I no longer deal with lies, trust issues and mistreatments from my exs.

My BIL (sister’s husband) keeps commenting on my “status” whenever I visit. Talking about how I need to find my “better half” and have kids. Usually I respond by ignoring him but he kept throwing more comments publicly. Now from what my sister tells us, he sleeps all day, unemployed, doesn’t help with child care nor responsibilities but also likes to call the shot in every decision made. they say that’s how he is. so…

Last night. we all got together for dinner and BIL brought up my personal life by asking a stream of questions about my plans. I tried to ignore him but he said that I’m 35, single, childless, and don’t even date at the moment. I looked at him in shock as he went on to say that I “clearly” am confused and still don’t know what I want in life.

The family looked at me and it made me pi**ed. In response I told him that “yes, I clearly don’t know what I want but I do know what you want, what you really really want and that is child level responsibility, and king level authority in your family”. Then told him I’d rather spend the rest of my days single then be stuck with someone like him. He gone completely silent and what I said was enough for him to abandon dinner table.

My sister stayed quiet and dinner turned awkward. I left later then mom and sister called me saying it wasn’t right that I insulted my BIL like that and when I explained what he said to me they told me he was just trying to encourage me to have “normal” life like the rest of them. They said it was rude and hurtful what I said and I have to apologize to him in person. I might have gone over the top but I refused to apologize at least til I see if I’m wrong with my response.


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