Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for How She Reacted When Her Husband Uninstalled the Lock on Her Office

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AITA for how I reacted when I found out that my husband uninstalled my office lock?

“Ever since I started working from home. My husband has started treating it as if I’m not “really” working.

He believes wfh isn’t as much of a real job as leaving the house and driving to your workplace. He’d interrupt me at all times, send the kids in so I could help them get things done, he even goes in randomly and ask me to do things under the guise of “just a minute, you won’t get fired over a minute break”.

I have grown tired of the constant barging so what I did was purchase a lock and lock the office to no longer give him access to interrupt me.

He found out and uninstalled it while I was. He said that it’s his house and that I CANNOT lock him out of any room in it. I was floored once I saw that he threw the lock away. I went off at him just screaming my head off telling him that he was jeopardizing my livelihood. and his body language and tone changed.

He started ranting about how I’m being cruel for accusing him of such things and selfish for even entertaining the idea of keeping him and the kids out and ignoring them like that.

He stormed off and left and had his mother lecture me about how I’m being unfair prioritizing work over family and stuff like that. Lastly, she talked about yelling at my husband and trying to intimidate and control him.

He’s been quiet since then.

Aita for my reaction?”

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