Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Leaving After Her Date Fed His Dogs Better Than Her

This sounds like some Charles Manson-type behavior…

And I only say that because apparently, Charlie used to make the women wait to eat until after the men and dogs were done.


But ANYWAY, this woman wants to know if she acted like a jerk when she left a dinner date after this fella fed his dogs a better meal than her.

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AITA for leaving a dinner date after he fed his dogs a better meal than us?

“Title screams entitlement but let me explain.

I started casually dating a guy 2 1/2 months ago. We have gone on several dates; such as movies or dinner at restaurants and the arcade at the Pier near the ocean. It’s been a really pleasant time and I dont want you guys to think I dont appreciate this guy, because I do, but this really rubbed me the wrong way. As for who has been paying for the dates- we usually split 50/50. He has paid for me once and I have paid for him twice but the rest is split.

So he knows that I have a Gastro-reflux disease (severe acid reflux that I’m on medications for) I cant eat anything that has red sauces, bbq sauce or artificial dyes such as red or blue. Yes, the medications help but only if I’m sticking to a pretty clean diet. I cant even eat hamburger because of the red dye they use. When I eat the things mentioned above, I feel like I’m having a heart attack. As I said, he knows ALL of this. We have talked about it several times.

So he invites me over to his place and says he wants to make dinner. He makes a point to tell me to “make sure you have a strong appetite” so I dudnt eat anything at all since breakfast and I was starving after working all day. So I arrive at 6pm and I see him making steak, eggs, potatoes and corn on the cob (the small ones that you put in pasta salad). It looked and smelled delicious. He puts on a movie while we wait, so I’m in the livingroom the entire time he is cooking.

Well, he keeps going back and forth between the kitchen and livingroom and on his last trip back, he brings out our plates and much to my surprise, its pizza. I just kind of look at him and ask where the steak and eggs were and he pretty bluntly said that was for his dogs (2 German Shepard’s) and stated they eat better than he does.

I reminded him that I couldnt eat pizza (red sauce) and he starts arguing that he made sure to not put much sauce on it and kept telling me to just try it. I asked if he had anything else and he said no. I told him sorry but I needed to go and excuses myself. On the way home I grabbed myself something to eat.

Well, he calls me and it sounds like he is having a meltdown. Saying he cant believe I made him feel like that and that the pizza was homemade and he made sure not to put much sauce on it (but he knows I cant have it at all) and said something about adding sugar to it, etc. Said I’ve showed my true colors. My friends also think I’m overreacting here and said I’m acting jealous of his dogs.


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