Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Not Going to Her Parents’ Anniversary Dinner

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Choosing between your parents’ anniversary dinner and helping out your wife is a tough one…

So is this woman an a**hole for choosing her wife?

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AITA for not attending my parents’ anniversary dinner in order to tend to my wife?

“I’ll be honest and say that this dilemma has put me in a bind, as I am a very family oriented person, and this situation deals with both ends of my family.

Yesterday was my (28F) parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, and because it’s a such a big year for them, they had planned a special dinner at a very nice restaurant and invited everyone in the family including my wife(27) and I about a month in advance.

Initially, despite my wife just giving birth to our twins a month before the invite we decided that we would just get a babysitter so that we could attend. However, my wife’s mother passed this past Tuesday, and although we knew that cancer was making her very ill and that this say would soon come, my MIL death still shook my wife’s world.

It was just her and her mom growing up, and they were the closest you could get, so it’s safe to say that my wife has had one hell of a week, dealing with her mother’s passing, making arrangements, and raising and nursing two infants.

So on Thursday I had informed my parents of the unfortunate tragedy and told them how hard my wife was taking it and I apologized and told them that I didn’t think we could make it because my wife just didn’t have it in her to go out(at this point my wife couldn’t even open her eyes without crying). They did the usual “awh, we wish you could both be here.”

But assured me that they understood and wished my wife healing. I went to drop off their gift Friday morning and nothing but well wishes were said to me when I went. However, yesterday night, I received three voice-mails from my mom crying, saying how she couldn’t believe that I chose my wife over them and how she was disappointed and if that was the case then she didn’t want to be in the lives of mine, my wifes’ or our kids.

This shocked me in all aspects and I tried getting a better understanding of what was going on, but whenever I tried to call my parents, I was met with hostility and negative comments. I love my parents, but I love my wife more, my wife is my other half and she needed me.

To me, staying with my wife and caring for our children was the right call in that situation. Was I wrong to have assumed that was the right thing to do?”

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