Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Not Wanting the Father of Her Twins to Be In the Delivery Room With Her

I personally believe that if a woman is going to give birth, it’s up to her who will be present in the delivery room…and that includes the father if those are her wishes.

But that’s just me…

And this woman who is going to have twins wants to know if she’s wrong for not wanting the father of her children to be in the room when the big moment happens.

Let’s take a look.

AITA for not wanting my twins father in the delivery room while I give birth?

“I am currently pregnant with twins and I don’t want the father of my twins in the delivery room while I’m giving birth.

We recently broke up because he lied to me about losing his job and put us in jeopardy for housing because at the time we were sleeping in the car every night the first half of my pregnancy. I ended up not waiting on him and got myself a place to stay and took him out of the picture since he can’t get himself together.

I don’t ask him for anything because I can not depend on him he can barely take care of himself with me out of the picture and every time I have feelings or say something I end up being the bad guy and we argue.

I feel like if I’m the one that’s got to go through the trauma of child birth let alone push out two babies my first go round I should be able to say who I want and who I don’t want in the room but he is persistent that makes me bitter when I really don’t care what he does me and the kids are going to be good always with or without him in the picture.

I even told him he could see them anytime once we got home.”

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This person said that this mom is the only one who gets to decide who will be in that room.

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Another Reddit user who is the mother of twins said that she shouldn’t definitely not tell the father when she’s going into labor.

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This individual said that she needs to talk to the medical staff and tell them who is and isn’t welcome in the delivery room.

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And this person said that it’s a PRIVILEGE to be in that room, not a right.

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