Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Not Wanting to Co-Own a House With Her Husband

Do you think most married folks co-own their houses together?

Since I’m not married, I really don’t have a clue but my guess would be that they do…but again, I’m clueless…

And a woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to see if readers think she’s wrong for not wanting to co-own a house with her husband.

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AITA for not wanting to co-own a house with my husband?

“Here is the background: My(F30) husband(M35) comes from a wealthy family, and he works for the family business.

When we met (7.5 years ago) I was a fresh college graduate, working a minimum wage job and neck deep in student loans.

We got married very fast (8 months after meeting) and I had met his parents all of 3 times.

His parents insisted that I sign a prenup, and I inderstand them completely, if my child was in the same situation I would have made the same decision.

This prenup pretty much says that in the event of a divorce I get nothing, unless he cheats then I get alimony. Also finances (debts, properties and savings) are completely separate unless both our names are on the asset. I asked to amend it so that he gets nothing too and they all agreed that it was fair.

The house we live in is owned by his parents and the car he drives is a company car. We have a joint account for monthly expenses (groceries, utilities, landscaping…etc) that we put in equal amounts.

Over these last 7 years I have been able to get a good job, pay off all my loans (not having to pay for housing is a huge bonus) and I saved about 35% for a down payment on a house and a substantial emergency fund.

On the other hand, I know that my husband has credit card debts since he is of the mindset: buy it now and pay it off later, he has no asset to his name except for a 401k. No savings at all.

Even though my in-laws are great, and they consider this house as ours and not theirs, I want something to my name, I want to have a house that is my own to change how I want and to be proud of. Over the years my husband to even contemplate the idea of buying a house.

I started looking and finally found the house of my dreams, and suddenly my husband did a 180 and wants to co-own the house with me.

His idea is that I put the down payment, pay another 15% and he pays for the other 50%. That way we are equal owners.

I do not want to do that, I know my husband and he will not be able to pay his part of the mortgage, sometimes his share of the monthly expenses is transferred by his parents, as well as them always paying off some of his debts.

Now he won’t even talk with me, says if I don’t agree to co-owning with him then he won’t move in with me at all, that it shows that I don’t trust him.

So what are your advices on this whole mess?”

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