Woman Snooped Through a Date’s Bathroom to Try to Find Evidence That He Already Had a Girlfriend

Call me old-fashioned, but I really don’t understand how putting so much of your personal life on social media is healthy…especially the kind of behavior you’re about to see in this article.

But I guess that makes me an old man, huh?

And I guess it makes people laugh, so what do I know?!?!

Kids today, I swear!

A TikTok user named Maricela shared a video from a date she went on…where she decided to snoop through the guy’s bathroom in order to see if he already had a girlfriend…oh, you know this is gonna be scandalous!

She said in the video, “I always check their bathroom to see if they have a gf.”

I guess you gotta do what you gotta do…

Here’s the video of Maricela looking for evidence…and it’s set to the Mission: Impossible theme song…how appropriate.

@maricela_rae it honestly just kept getting worse… #cheater #tinder #fyp #funny #caught #guys #umyeah ♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme) – Favorite Movie Songs

Maricela also added that she left some things of her own behind in the guy’s apartment so that his supposed girlfriend will hopefully find them and then the s**t will really hit the fan.


And here she is providing an update about the story on TikTok.

@maricela_rae Reply to @maricela_rae ♬ original sound – mari 💓


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