Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Pretending Her Roommate Doesn’t Exist Because of a Prank They Pulled

You are now officially being SHUNNED.

Do you think that’s what this woman said after she decided to pretend that her roommate doesn’t exist after she pulled a prank on her?

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AITA for blatantly pretending my roommate doesn’t exist because of her “robbing prank”?

“I (20F) live in a very safe city. One of the safest cities in the nation. Due to this and lack of parental regulation as a kid, I never locked my doors.

I drive a wrangler and take the top and doors off and have never had a problem with stealing. I’ve never locked the doors to my houses or apartments. This has never been an issue with my old roommates or family. It’s just the way I’ve developed.

My roommate (19F), since moving in, has increasingly become more paranoid and anxious. I’ve known her for years and have never seen her like this. She thinks there are cameras in her sink, if she gets a bug bite she assumes she has bugs living in her bed, when she sleeps she has paralysis where someone comes in to kill her. She locks her bedroom door and front door for safety.

Knowing this, I’ve tried to lock the door. However, I don’t sometimes. It’s a habit I’m trying to break.

I came home a week ago, there was s**t everywhere. It looked like a mini tornado whirled through my apartment. I went in my room and my tv was gone, my mini boba fridge was gone, all my vintage playboys were gone, so much of my clothes vanished.

It was clear, through my eyes, that I had been robbed. I sat on my bed and just sat there in shock. On the verge of tears, I called my father who didn’t pick up and I was left defeated practically, lol. Then I jumped up because I was worried for my roommates room. She was sitting there waiting for me.

She had all my things in there. Pranked me to try and teach me a lesson about locking the door. My problem is that she never even talked to me, I had no idea this was an issue with her before. She said I should have “assumed” that I need to lock the door out of respect for a shared living space.

After trivial arguing I stfu and went mute, grabbed all my stuff to put in my room, and I have completely ignored her since. I’m upset and not over it. I find her thought process alarming and delusional.

A mutual friend says that I’m overreacting and being rude to her when she’s going through a hard time. As much as I understand that she’s having problems I have received 0 empathy or question of my feelings. I don’t think I’m an AH, I think everybody’s out of their minds and I need some time away from the crazies.”

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