Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Putting a Female Friend of Her Husband in Her Place

Once in a while, you just gotta put someone in their place.

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But some people definitely cross the line from time to time…

Check out this story and see if you think this woman acted like an a**hole for what she said to her husband’s female friend.

AITA for telling my husband’s female friend “He might be your best friend but you’re not his”?

“Long story short my husband has one of those female friends, I’ll call her Sarah.

Her and I get along fine, but every once in awhile she’ll make a comment or sit a little too close or touch him a lot, or compete with me on how close the are, or how well she knows him. She’s one in a big group of about 11 friends. I’ve talked to my husband about her several times but it’s so many added up micro-actions that it’s hard to tell her off for one singular thing, without looking crazy.

Well this past weekend, the group of friends got together for the first time since we’re now all boosted. My husband and I eloped a few weeks ago and this was the first time most were seeing us since. Sarah came right up and got in our face as the group was congratulating us to tell my husband how disappointed she was in him for not telling her about our ceremony, not inviting her, not even sending her a photo.

He told her nobody except our parents knew, nobody was invited, and we don’t have our professional photos back. This girl started SOBBING. How could he do this to her, that she wanted him to be her Man of Honor when she gets married (she’s single), and he didn’t even invite her to his, and their friendship now “needed some serious TLC to recover”.

This is in front of a whole group. I couldn’t take it anymore and said “He might be your best friend, but you’re not his, and this was between ME and HIM, you were not even a consideration.”

There were so frosty “ooo’s” from the crowd and she left the house. The crowd is split. They were all my husband’s friends before I came into the picture and some think it was uncalled for and that I should’ve just let my husband handle it. I was mad in the moment but now I don’t know. Too far?”

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