Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Refusing to Cut Her Husband’s Toe Nails

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AITA for refusing to cut my husband’s nails and hair after he refused to cut my toe nails when I was pregnant?

“I am African and my husband is Jamaican. When we were dating, I started cutting his nails (toes and hands) just for fun.

I am a very caring person, so it made me very happy to cut his nails while we were watching a movie or something. We got married a little bit before Covid hit so on top of cutting his nails, I started cutting his hair as well because barbershops were closed.

I truly enjoyed myself doing these things especially styling his beard that I asked him to keep because I like the look. I never asked him to do such thing in return simply because I am a control freak and like to do things on my own.

All was going well until I got pregnant. I kept doing all these things for him, as the belly got bigger, I couldn’t reach and cut my own toenails. So, one day as I was struggling to do it myself, my husband walked in the room and I asked him to help me cut my nails.

His reaction shocked me as he said that he can never do that because he is a man. I brought to his attention that I have been doing it for him for years and I am only asking because I can’t do it myself. He told me that I can do it for him because I am a woman, but him cutting my nails would be diminishing and I am trying to emasculate him.

His response broke my feelings because I truly thought that he would be happy to take care of me, the same way I was doing for him. So, I told him that I wouldn’t be cutting his nails or his hair.

Sometimes I see his long nails and he looks so unkept, and it drives me crazy. Sometimes he has an important meeting at work, and I look at the hair and beard that need trimming but I resist the urge to do something about it because he made me feel so inferior as a human being and it wasn’t the best feeling.”

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