Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Taking Away Her Fiance’s Debit Card

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AITA for ripping my debit card out of my fiancée’s hand when I saw him purchasing stuff for his brother off Amazon?

“My fiancés brother “Chris” moved to Mississippi from our home town 2 years ago to be with some girl he met on the internet.

Chris has always been the type to make terrible life choices and my fiancé is ALWAYS the one who bails him out (with the except of my FMIL). My fiancé does this because he has survivors guilt. They lived with their father growing up and their father h**ed Chris with a burning passion for whatever reason but loved my fiancé “Heath”; so Heath saw A LOT.

Yes, they both got out physically but mentally, Chris was ruined. Refuses therapy, gets in to trouble constantly, etc. He is 33 and my fiancé is 28.

So when Chris left to go to Mississippi, I was working at the hospital 70 hours a week while Heath stayed home with the kids. He had no income but he was a SAHD and this worked for us.

However, I started noticing money going missing quite often and when I checked the bank statements (Heath handled them because he was an accountant for a couple years and better at budgeting) I noticed a s**t ton of Amazon purchases and money transfers through FB Pay. When I confronted him he told me his brother and the chick didn’t work out so he was helping him with like hotel stays, food, essentials, etc.

Its important to note that during this time, I was p**sed because of how much money was being spent and limited him on what he could send his brother a month because its not my responsibility. So I didn’t make him stop but limited him.

Well budget cuts went through my hospital 2 months ago and I was cut, along with 340 other employees. 4 wings were closed down, mine being one of them. So I am currently unemployed. Heath works constantly now. I also just got my taxes back. We have 3 kids. I got back a big chunk of money.

Last night Chris calls and Heath shuts the bedroom door (I assumed cause the kids were being loud) but I walked in roughly 10 minutes later and see Heath has my debit card in hand, typing in the info on Amazon to buy his brother over $400 worth of s**t (books, board games, playing cards, etc- nothing he “needed”).

I rip the debit card out of his hand and ask him what the f**k he is doing and he just looks at me like I am an AH and asks wtf I had the nerve to do that. I told him I am not fishing out $400 worth of s**t to his brother, and he goes “my brother has nothing to f**king do and this is the only way I can help.”

And said since I got back a s**t ton of money, I should be willing to help, especially considering he gets his paycheck Friday and can make up for it. I still said no. He is now saying I am a controlling AH.”

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