Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Taking Only Two-Seat Table in Restaurant for Herself

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AITA for taking the only two seat table in the restaurant all to myself?

“I (35F) have given up on dating but still enjoy date activities, so once a month I take myself out on a date.

I go out to the movies, museums and even mini golf by myself. And I always treat myself to a nice lunch/dinner around 3-4pm, after the lunch rush but before the dinner rush to so I have plenty of time to enjoy my food. For my “self-dates” I always look for a new restaurant to try. Saturday I found this great little Mediterranean place.

It’s a real gem, hidden away at the end of a strip mall, with murals on the walls, lovely guitar music, and only about seven tables total. When I got there only one other table was occupied and I sat in the only two seater table. The waiter got me my drink and I had just put in my order when a couple walked in.

They looked around the small restaurant, saw me at the only two seat table and approached the waiter. I was on my Kindle and not paying attention until I heard the waiter say “there are plenty of other tables”. They whisper argued for another minute before I heard the man say “she won’t take that long to eat. She’s all alone”.

The woman huffed and they sat at the four seat table right next to me. They ordered waters and loudly said they were still deciding what they wanted but were clearly stalling because she looked right at me as she said it. I chose to ignore it.

When I treat myself to self-dates I go all out and order an appetizer, soup/salad, and entrée. My appetizer came out and I clearly heard the man say “see it’s just a small meal, she’ll be gone soon.” I didn’t say anything and just enjoyed my food.

When I finished the woman grabbed her purse like she was going to dash to my table before someone else came in, only for the waiter to bring out my soup. I took my time eating the soup as the waiter again asked the couple if they’re ready to order. The woman said they’re still deciding and needed water refills. Then my entrée came out. As soon as they saw it the woman said, “are you f***ing kidding me!”

The food was amazing and even though I knew they were waiting for my table I took my time appreciating my meal. Halfway through, the waiter again asked them if they were ready. The man said he was starving and ordered. The woman was clearly not happy but also ordered. I was tempted to order dessert too but I was stuffed. I paid my check and as I was leaving I saw the couple moving their plates over to my table, which hadn’t even been cleared off yet.

At the time I thought it was hilarious but, when I told my friends about it, they said I had been an AH. They said restaurants like that were for couples on dates not single people and that it wouldn’t have been a big deal for me to move or gotten take away and eaten at home.

I said it was 4pm not prime date time and that there were five other tables to pick from, but they said I’d taken the most romantic table and ruined their date for my own enjoyment. Now I’m not sure and I’m asking the internet for an impartial judgement.”

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