Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Telling Her Sister She’s Not Fit to Adopt Kids

Here’s a tale of sibling rivalry that might make you cringe…but maybe what this woman said to her sister had to be said…

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to ask if she went over the line with these remarks.

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AITA for reminding my sister she was deemed not fit to adopt when she to adopt one of my twins?

“Me and my sister Mia both suffer from fertility issues.

I made peace with it long ago but Mia always wanted kids so she and her husband kept trying. From IVF to adoption, all of them resulted in a d**d end. I recently found out that I was 2 months pregnant with twins. My partner Kyle and I were surprised but happy.

I called up my sister and told her the news and said I was going to announce it to the family at a gathering at my house. I expected her to be angry (as she has been with other family members for getting pregnant) and told her it was okay if she couldn’t come and felt it would be too much for her. Surprisingly she said she was okay and therapy had helped and agreed to come.

So, three days ago I hosted a family gathering at our place and announced it via watching pictures on a projection screen, the last photo being my ultrasound. Immediately all family members looked at me and they understood.

All of them congratulated me and Kyle including Mia and her husband. Mia kept really close to me throughout the gathering and asked to see the ultrasound multiple times which me and Kyle brushed off to her being happy for me

That night Mia called me and said she had something important to say. She wanted to adopt one of the twins. I was appalled. I said I am not giving my twins up for adoption. She kept trying to encourage me to give in and said it would be the right thing to do since we were twins as well.

I was getting pissed off and told her I couldn’t even if I wanted to since all adoption agencies had rejected her application and deemed her unfit to raise a child. She started crying, called me a b**ch and said I didn’t deserve to be mother and wished the children not be born to a mother like me. I hung up at that.

Since then my mother and some paternal aunts who also suffer from the same fertility issues have been texting and messaging me, calling me inconsiderate and selfish. Kyle, my dad and maternal family are with me on this. My mother says since we didn’t plan the baby it wouldn’t hurt to give away one of the twins especially when she would still be in the family.

I have seen Mia breakdown during other relatives’ pregnancy announcements and be hysterical. i genuinely thought she was okay with my pregnancy after her being in therapy but apparently not.

Still, I did say those things to her knowing it would hurt her. Some maternal aunts said it was probably a mood swing but I don’t know, AITA?”

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