Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Telling Her Sister She’s the Reason She’ll Never Adopt

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AITA for telling my sister she’s the reason I’ll never adopt?

“I(30f) have three bio siblings(37m,36m,33f) and a sister(31f). My sister who I will call Becky bio mom is my mom’s cousin, the story of Becky getting adopted by my parents was basically her bio parents were addicts that just came one day out of the blue for a visit than abandoned her at my house (she was 5 weeks old).

For a few weeks they tried to get my cousins family to take her but those a**holes didn’t want the shame of a baby with medical issues that was born out of wedlock. My parents fell in love with Becky and the rest was history

Thankfully all Becky really needed was love and a good home, she beat a lot of odds and leads a healthy successful life

My parents never hid the fact Becky was adopted (she’s biracial) and we all learned about her heritage growing up. Everything was perfect till her parents reached out when she was 22 they were clean and wanted a relationship

In the space of a few months she became a different person it was like she hated us for taking her away from her bio parents, as soon as she finished college and got the €20,000 check my parents gifted her (it’s a start up we all got)

She ghosted us and sent a letter to my parents telling them if they ever tried to contact her again she file a restraining order. She got married and none of us even knew

Her mother passed away when she was 26 which lead her father to relapse than unfortunately d** 8 months later . After Becky reached out, my parents welcomed her back with open arms but i still can’t

Which leads to now- me and my husband recently had a baby via IVF after 6 years trying (5 natural) I brought my son to meet the family tonight and after dinner the girls of us were in the living room, I thought up how he was worth everything (explaining my struggles) and that I’m gonna start naturally trying soon so he will have a sibling .

Becky made a comment about why we didn’t look into adoption since the world was already overpopulated I told her “honestly we thought about it but after all the s**t you pulled I’m afraid you’re the reason i will never adopt”

Becky yelled at me to get over it already than left and my mother said I shouldn’t of spoke to her like that so in the end I ended up leaving early too

My siblings are on my side but my parents are extremely mad.”

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