Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Telling Sister Their Dad Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

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AITA for telling my half sister my dad didn’t do anything wrong?

“My parents were married and had me, then my mom cheated on my dad while I was still a baby and got pregnant with another man’s child.

My dad filed for divorce and established through the courts that he was not the father of my half sister and fought not to have parental responsibility of her. My dad did get shared custody of me and because of shared custody did not have to pay child support. My half sister’s bio father was unknown and while mom did try to find him, was unsuccessful.

My mom went on to have four more kids with four different guys. My dad continued to take care of me but never took them on. When dad knew mom was struggling he would make sure I was taken care of at her house since CPS and the courts did not believe things were bad enough for me to live with him primarily. So I was always better taken care of than my siblings.

My half siblings all h**e my dad and I believe a large part of that is due to mom telling them stuff all through the years. When I was about 13 mom tried to poison me against dad by telling me how dad let them suffer, how he fought to reject my half sister, how he was often mean to her about them when she would talk to him. But it did not change how I felt about my dad and when I was 16 I made the decision to live with him.

I just turned 20 and my half sister is 18. She came after me to argue and to have it out over my dad. She accused me of being a d**k for not being mad at dad. She then went on to tell me a story about mom struggling to afford diapers and how dad made sure to send diapers that were just in my size instead of money so mom could buy for both of us and how he even saw her out with us once and bought stuff that could be just used on me when she was right there.

I told her I didn’t see what my dad did as wrong because he was never her dad. She said he could have been but he rejected her in court. I told her again that to me, dad did nothing wrong.

She called me an a**hole. Said as her older brother I should be furious that he would be okay with her and the rest of our siblings going hungry, not having the right care, and that he could have stepped up but chose not to which should make me h**e him. She said the fact I could look her in the eye and say he did nothing wrong made me just as bad as him.


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