Would You Do It? Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Telling His Brother the Truth About the Past.

Sometimes, the truth just has to come out…

No matter how painful it is and no matter how much damage it might cause…

And this guy asked the readers on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if he was wrong for spilling the beans to his youngest brother.

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AITA for telling my youngest brother the truth about everything?

“I (24) have a 26 yo sister and a 23yo brother (we’ll call Jake).

I also have a 12yo brother (we’ll call Ryan), and he’s the reason for this conflict. When Jake was a kid, I’m not going to get into the specifics, but doctors didn’t think he would make it to twelve. Jake wasn’t just the baby of the family, but also the only boy. Our parents really wanted a boy and always said it was a good thing Jake was a boy, because they didn’t want to have a fourth kid. You see where this is going?

Ryan was born when Jake was at his sickest, and Jake knew Ryan was supposed to be his replacement. Jake has been in remission for a decade, and he has always h**ed Ryan. Our parents also don’t dote on Ryan like they did/do Jake. It’s obvious to me that they regret him. They are perfectly adequate parents to Ryan when Jake isn’t around, but when he is, they ignore him so Jake doesn’t get upset.

On Thanksgiving Jake said he was thankful for his parents and sisters. Ryan was upset that he wasn’t counted, and our parents ended up telling him off and sending him to his room. Ryan has been miserable ever since. He keeps asking me why Jake h**es him. I decided he needed to know the truth, so he knew it wasn’t anything he did. He was sad after I told him, but he thanked me for being honest.

Last night Ryan confronted our parents. They are furious with me. They demanded that I call Ryan and tell him what I said was a mean prank. They said I had no right to tell anyone their business or make up horrible conclusions. I didn’t make it up. I know the truth.

Am I the a**hole for telling it to Ryan?”

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