Woman Explains How OCD Is Nothing Like It’s Portrayed in the Media

I’ve spent time around people who struggle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and all I can say is that is really terrifying and heartbreaking to see them struggle with something that the rest of us really won’t ever be able to understand.

And people who have had to deal with OCD directly or indirectly also know that it is rarely if ever portrayed in the media correctly. A woman named Shira Folberg took to Twitter to explain to people what it’s really like to live with OCD.

Here’s how she started her informative thread.

And Folberg described how truly hard it is to live with the condition.

Once something gets stuck in the head of a person with OCD, it turns into a nightmare.

And folks worry about things that are totally irrational and out of character for them.

And that causes OCD sufferers to keep these things to themselves because people will most likely not understand what they’re going through.

And this leads to compulsive behavior to try to get rid of the awful thoughts that OCD sufferers can’t stop.

And it continues on and on in a terrible cycle.

Folberg describes how she has to hide her compulsive behavior when she’s out in public.

And it is a very exhausting cycle.

OCD can be so consuming that it leads to depression.

And that’s why it’s important for people who don’t suffer from OCD to understand the terrible anguish that these people go through every day.

Folberg talks about how sometimes people dismiss the mental illness because they don’t actually understand what it means.

This pretty much sums OCD up.

And here’s one edit she made about the way OCD is represented in the media.

Finally, if you struggle with OCD and you need to talk to someone, reach out to this organization for help. There’s no shame in recognizing your issues and working through them.

Do you have any experience dealing with OCD?

Or maybe someone close to you has dealt with it?

If so, please talk to us in the comments and tell us about it. Thank you in advance.