Book Nerd’s Tweet to a Bookstore’s Twitter Account Ended in a Love Story and Marriage


This is one of our favorite IRL love stories ever, y’all. EVER. We’re talking better than Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum.


Here’s what happened.

Lots of people read the Twitter feeds of companies and brands and wonder just how in the heck the people writing them got the job. But Victoria Carlin of London looked at her favorite bookstore’s social media presence and wondered if the guy behind it was single.

What came next is a love story for the Twitter storybooks.

Ms. Carlin’s favorite bookstore is Waterstones, a London-based chain that’s like Barnes & Noble, but with a bar and more community events. It was the Twitter account of her local branch that caught her attention – and her heart – and even today you can see how personable their brand continues to be:

The person behind the account was obviously WAY ahead of the curve – this Pokémon themed tweet was posted way back in 2012…and it caught Victoria’s eye.

She had to say something!

And he replied. *sigh*

And so their flirtation began.

Little did Carlin know, that book nerd she was flirting with was Jonathan O’Brien, her – spoiler alert – future husband. After some more exchanges on Twitter, they decided to meet in person. O’Brien told Mashable“One day Victoria came into the shop with doughnuts, I ate them (giving away a very cavalier attitude to food from strangers).”

The two then went on a walk during his lunch break, and Jon gave her a copy of The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum because Victoria had mentioned it was her favorite movie. Fast forward four years, and he’s given her a ring, too. And presumably other gifts in the meantime.

They got married, but not before he caught a Jynx playing Pokémon Go at the ceremony. I mean, he’s obviously the most dashing book nerd in the history of book nerds.

Such a sweet story, you guys.

So, if you ever find yourself up at night fantasizing about the genius promoting your local amusement park or the social media guru behind the Domino’s Pizza Twitter account, try reaching out and grabbing a slice of human contact.

They might just turn out to be the love of your life.