Woman Finds 3 Deer in Her Living Room After Leaving Her Back Door Open in a Storm

Photo Credit: iStock

Deer are known for being rather shy around people. They startle easily, and their particular brand of fright has even inspired common sayings like “like a deer in headlights.” But on rare occasions, deer can actually get really comfortable around people.

In one woman’s case, maybe a little too comfortable…

The woman, Kathie Tietze, helps raise orphaned wildlife, including three very cute young deer who normally hang out in her backyard. One day, a storm was approaching the area and Kathie couldn’t find the deer anywhere. She checked the yard, but they weren’t there.

Then she noticed she’d left her back door open, so she searched inside her own house. Sure enough, she found the deer in her living room near an end table.

Animals can sense when storms are approaching, so these deer likely knew that they needed a safe, dry place to shelter during the rain.

Luckily, Kathie was happy to let the deer stay inside her house until the storm passed.

“Told them they could sleep in the house for the night because it was going to be nasty,” she said.

Because “how could you ever say no to a face like this?”

The deer are on a first-name basis with Kathie’s dog, Quinn, and they’re not the only orphans hanging around. Kathie also raises baby skunks and baby squirrels. The wildlife rehabilitator says, “I clearly lack focus.”

But with all these cute faces around, it’s totally worth it.

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