Woman Goes on the Best Tinder Date Ever, Only to be Scammed out of $200,000

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Cecilie Fjellhoy is a 29-year-old Norwegian woman living in London. Like pretty much everyone in their 20s, she recently turned to Tinder to find her next boo, and the results were disastrous. Like, “lost $200,000” level of disastrous.

It all started when Cecilie matched with Simon Leviev. Simon told Cecilie that he was an Israeli millionaire and diamond dealer; he claimed that his nickname was the “Prince of Diamonds.”

Sure, that might sound like a scam immediately. But Simon took Cecilie on a private plane ride to Bulgaria as part of their first date, so his story kind of held water. He swept Cecilie off of her feet.

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“This was the first time where I felt like, ‘Oh my god I really like him. And it seems that he really likes me back as well,'” Cecilie told ABC News . “He’s texting and he’s calling and he seems to really want to get to know me, and I think I fell a bit for that.”

Eventually, Simon started claiming that he was in danger because of his line of work. He asked Cecilie to extend her line of credit to him so that nothing would be in his name and there wouldn’t be a paper trail. He even went so far as to send Cecilie videos of him and his “bodyguard” in the hospital after an “attack.”

Unfortunately, it was all a ruse.

Simon turned out to be Shimon Hyuat, a 28-year-old convicted Israeli con-man. He has a long history of defrauding women to fund his lifestyle, including the private plane that he used to woo Cecilie.

In the end, he took Cecilie’s money and disappeared. She was so heartbroken that she had to get psychiatric help. Meanwhile, Shimon is living it up in Panama, where he is denying allegations of defrauding Cecilie.

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So, is Cecilie still on Tinder? It’s unclear, but she is continuing to meet new people — with a lot more skepticism.

“[I’m] much, much less naive,” she said.