Woman Sparks Debate By Saying She’s Able To Clean While Working From Home

The world has changed quite a bit in the past three years, and although many things are getting us down, one of the upsides for a lot of people is the new ability to work from home.

That said, lots of employers are having to square with the fact that means they’re not going to be able to monitor what people are doing all day, every day while they’re on the clock.

Like, according to this woman, tidying around the house.

In her now-viral video, @alliepape says that not only is she able to be super productive and knock out all of her required work, but she was able to keep up with chores, too.


don’t make me ever go back into an office plz & ty #wfh #workfromhome #fyp

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The problem? She was on the clock for all of it.

“Once you find the balance, working from home is elite. Yes, I had 8 meetings yesterday, and got all my work done, but you know what else? I cleaned the bathroom, did 2 loads of laundry, played with my dogs, and worked out. WFH forever.”

Others in the comments agreed, stating that they too found themselves able to get a whole lot done during the work day, not all of which was work, and that allowed them more leisure time at night and on the weekends.

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Other remote workers stated they couldn’t have this kind of freedom in their own WFH positions, though, because they were tied to things like a call center schedule.

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Also, some employers are using tracking tools that make it hard, if not impossible, to get up from your workstation for any significant amount of time.

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Some even say their bosses accessed their webcams and suspended them for time spent away from their desks.

It seems like if you’ve got a gem of a WFH gig – one that trusts you to manage your time well enough to excel at your job – it can be a huge blessing, both time-wise and money-wise.

Otherwise, it’s just like any other job.

Though saving the gas and time commuting can still count as a big bonus.