A Worrying Number Of Men Don’t Wash Their Sheets Often Enough

Listen, y’all. I know that washing your sheets is no fun. With most washing machines it’s going to take at least two loads to get it all done, and then you have to re-make your bed before you can get back in it ughghgh.

That said, if you could see with your eyes how many dead skin cells, microscopic bugs, oil, sweat, and other gross stuff seeps into your sheets every night, you’d definitely agree with the “change or wash once a week” advice.”

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We shed around 8.8 pounds of skin cells every year, and the typical used mattress is home to anywhere between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites, as well.

Research shows that many, many men are only washing more like once every seven weeks, which…yikes.

In a 2014 poll across the UK, the most common response was every 2 weeks, with 35% of people agreeing that was the optimal amount of time to go between washes.

Only 33% claimed to wash every week, while 10% answered every four weeks.

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In 2016, the same pollster asked people in the US the same questions, and the responses were even more yikes.

Up to 44% of women who responded cleaned their sheets weekly, compared to 32% of men who replied the same. Men were more likely to admit to changing the sheets less often across the board.

6% of the respondents, though, claimed not to bother more than every 7 weeks or so.

In case you’re wondering, The Sleep Foundation recommends a weekly wash, though they’re not going to turn you into the gross police if you wait two.

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That said, if you let your dogs or cats sleep with you, every 3-4 days is best.

Once a week, y’all. Especially if you’re hoping to invite someone besides your dog to sleep with you.

How often do you wash your sheets? Let us know in the comments!