Woman Wants to Know if She Should Tell Her Fiancee That She Cheated in a Past Relationship

Cheating is always a touchy subject in relationships and cheating from the past is sometimes just as big of an issue for some people.

But everyone reacts differently to that kind of stuff so you have to be careful.

Check out this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page and see if you think this woman should let her husband-to-be know that she cheated in a previous relationship.

Should I tell my fiancé that I was once a cheater in my previous relationship?

“I (33,f) cheated in my previous relationship but not in my current relationship. About 8-10years ago, I was still a university student, and I was much wilder (clubs, parties, dressing up to attract men’s attention etc.)

I was s**ually very curious and the idea of cheating was very tantalizing. I wasn’t getting enough from my then-bf so I slept with this guy a few times. I am currently no longer in contact with this guy ever since.

I never confessed about my cheating to my then-bf. We broke up a few months later. I never confessed about my cheating to anyone.

Fast forward, I’ll be getting married soon to the love of my life but I’ve not been 100% honest about my past behavior. I’ve been loyal and never had the intention to cheat.

As husband and wife, should there be absolutely no secrets between us? Even digging up the past which makes me feel ashamed of myself for what I’ve done?”

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