Woman Wants to Know if She’s a Jerk for “Using Hot Sauce Like an Id**t”

You learn something new every day…and today I learned you can use hot sauce like an idiot!

And I think I might be one of those people, because I’m pretty obsessed with hot sauce…just sayin’.

But this story from the “Am I The A**hole?” page on Reddit is about more than just hot sauce, as you’re about to discover…

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“I (f23) love hot sauce. My favorite is Tabasco, but I just f**kin love all hot sauce.

For years I’ve carried a mini bottle of Tabasco in my purse and some emergency mini packets in my wallet. I don’t pull it out at restaurants because it’s in poor taste in my culture and most restaurants don’t allow it. It’s mostly for take out eaten on the go or for when I go to spice intolerant close friend’s houses.

I’m also weird in that I don’t put it all over my food or mix it in, I’ll put a few drops or a squirt on individual bites of food because I like to alternate between spicy and regular bites. When I’m out at restaurants I tend to hog the bottle of hot sauce so I normally ask for two bottles so that other people that enjoy hot sauce aren’t inconvenienced.

With that background info out of the way, here’s what happened. Covid restrictions have loosened so my husband and some friends of ours went out to a restaurant with outdoor dining to get some drinks and dinner. One of our friends brought her new boyfriend, Jim, that none of us have met before, and honestly he seemed off from the start.

He openly ogled myself and other women in our group. He made a “joke” about how people with down syndrome are a drain to society after a friend updated us on how her daughter with down syndrome was doing, and he consistently talked down to my friend. When our food arrived, I asked for a second bottle of hot sauce and began to do my thing with it.

When he saw what I was doing, Jim gave me the dirtiest look then asked why I was “using hot sauce like an idiot”. I briefly explained to him why and he then turned to my friend/his gf and told her “you didn’t tell me your OP was a f**king r**ard”.

I’m not gonna lie, I saw red.

I told him off about everything wrong he’d done throughout our get together and that anywhere he was I would no longer be because he was so disgusting and disrespectful.

I then flagged down our waiter, got a to-go box for my hardly touched meal, paid my husband and I’s tab then walked out. I just couldn’t be around someone like him.

Later I got a text from my friend telling me I humiliated her and that all of our friends followed suit and left because they couldn’t stand him either, as well as told her that they refused to be around him. She told me I alienated her and made everyone hate her.

I feel like a total d**k now because I didn’t mean to hurt her, I just wanted to get away from her awful bf before I caused an even bigger scene. She now is begging everyone to give him a second chance and none of us will, and she’s been cursing us out and calling all of us heartless assholes.

So, AITA for this?”

Who knew hot sauce could be so divisive…?

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