Woman Wants to Know if She’s Wrong for Wanting to Charge Her Niece Rent While She Lives With Her

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AITA for wanting to charge my niece rent while living in our apartment?

“Me (47) and my husband ‘Tom’ (50) have a daughter ‘Alice’ (20). Alice is a full time college student, but works at a fast food place on the weekends.

She received a scholarship to her college that cover most costs, and we pay the rest. Me and Tom own our apartment, we also own a second apartment that we let Alice live in, so she doesn’t have to worry about rent and can focus on her studies.

Tom’s sister has a daughter ‘Rose’ (21). Her parents live in a different state but she moved here for college, not the same as Alice, a significantly more expensive one.

Rose recently ran into some troubles and struggling to pay for her housing. Rose, as well as my SIL, asked if she could room with Alice for a little while while she saves up. We’ve talked to Alice and she’s fine having Rose stay with her.

Tom is insisting we let Rose stay for free, but I think she should pay rent. Rose said she’d cover utilities and food, and he’s insisting that’s more than enough and we should help her out. I replied that we are helping her out by giving her a place to stay, and the rent would be less than market rent.

Tom said by that logic we should be charging Alice the same rent as well, but I think that’s completely different, but he said I’m being selfish.”

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