‘Men In Black’ Writer Told to Not Mansplain ‘Men In Black,’ But Women Figured Out Who He Was and Apologized

Photo Credit: iStock

Recently, a man found himself in a sticky situation when women accused him of “mansplaining” the movie Men In Black — not realizing that he was, in fact, the man who wrote the movie.

Ed Solomon is the writer behind Men In Black, as well as other famous films like 2000’s Charlie’s Angels. Though Ed obviously plays a huge role in making these movies, he doesn’t have nearly as much name or face recognition as the starring actors and actresses.

That means Ed is able to work out of a regular old cafe like anyone else, if he feels like it. He won’t be recognized or bothered in any way.

That can certainly be convenient — but it can also lead to some ironic situations. During a recent work stint at a cafe, Ed overheard the people next to him discussing his movie. They were having an argument about the origins of Men In Black, and he offered to clear it up for them.

Not realizing who Ed was, a woman in the group accused him of “mansplaining.”

Rather than explain who he was, he simply apologized and “that was that.”

Ed told the story on Twitter, where he clarified that the woman’s friend later apologized on her behalf and that they may or may not have actually said “mansplanation” rather than “explanation.”

But the story doesn’t end there.

The woman ended up seeing Ed’s story on the internet, and she reached out to him.

Most importantly, he was finally able to answer their question.

He later added that he would have normally introduced himself from the get-go, but he was “curious to see how it would play out.”

“In hindsight I kind of wish I had, cause she’s actually a nice person and we’ve exchanged some nice emails.”

What a nice ending. Some might even call it a Hollywood ending.