Women, What Questions About Men Do You Want Answers To? People Responded.

We already know who the fairer s** is, but that doesn’t mean that the ladies out there don’t have a bunch of questions that they want answered right this minute about the many mysteries of men.

Hey it’s true!

Women, what burning questions do you have about men that you want to be answered?

Here’s what ladies had to say on AskReddit.

1. Sometimes, never…

“How long does it take to recover if you’ve been hit in the balls?


2. Well…

“What makes you feel loved?

We want to know.”

3. They need to know.

“What does it feel like when you’re having s** and you’re trying not to “get there”?

Is it frustrating?

What do you do/think about to keep it from happening?”

4. Not enjoyable.

“Are athletic cups uncomfortable?

Hot, as in temperature?”

5. Hmmm…

“What does a male or**sm feel like?

I know this can’t be answered with words but I just am so curious.

Like I understand being turned on but the way men are turned on is another level so their or**sm has to be SOMETHING.”

6. Guys?

“Does a beard actually make your face noticeably warmer when it’s cold outside or is that just a joke?”

7. Anybody?

“Do guys care if women get cosmetic procedures done?

Like face lifts, etc?”

8. Good question.

“What things have women done that make you uncomfortable?

Please remember that your voice matters and that if something makes you uncomfortable or straight up scared, you have a right to say that it did and a right to remove yourself from the situation.”

9. What do you prefer?

“Do guys really care that much about b**b and b**t size?

We’d like to know.”

10. Notice anything different?

“Do you notice the little things about women like a new hair cut, when they wear makeup or a nice outfit?”

11. Inappropriate.

“Why send a d**k pic?

It baffles me that anyone would think it’s a good idea.”

12. What about compliments?

“Are compliments from your GFs just as impactful or more than impactful than from a random woman? I compliment my boyfriend a lot and vice versa and it makes me feel so happy.

I always see stories from guys about how good it made them feel getting those compliments out of nowhere. I have never gotten compliments really as a woman besides from family members or a few teachers before I was in a relationship.

Personally, Id just feel awkward and weird oi a random guy complimented me.”

13. What’s the deal?

“I’ve always wanted to know: why do you like loud machinery so much?

For older men it’s mowers, leaf blowers and such. For younger men, it’s modified cars and motorbikes.

What’s the deal with the loud machines?”

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