These Passive Aggressive Email Clap Backs Are The Bane of Every Office Worker’s Existence

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I worked in a government office for 12 years, each one of which stole a small percentage of my soul, and also my will to live. Some days, the only thing that kept me going was a little passive-aggressive exchange with that one co-worker (you know the one) who seemed to enjoy lodging things in my craw.

And you know, you have to officially be professional, so…we all find ways to make our true feelings known, even if they’re words beneath the words beneath the words.

So please, enjoy this Tweetstorm of everyone’s favorite way to get their point across in office emails while still maintaining the kind of smile that looks like it’s stretched so thin it’ll snap.

10. The tweet that started it all…

Photo Credit: Twitter,DeeRene_

9. This is a good one


Photo Credit: Twitter,drrocket

7. That’s rough

Photo Credit: Twitter,mrajcustard

6. Because emails get lost all the time, right? #not

Photo Credit: Twitter,crumr018

5. So you’re saying I definitely don’t want your regards…

Photo Credit: Twitter,charleswrites

4. You mean there are people who aren’t?

3. …you dumbass

Photo Credit: Twitter,kokothenut

2. Company first!

Photo Credit: Twitter,KeithHarrisPR

1. One of my personal favs

Photo Credit: Twitter,lindsayinMPLS

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