Worker Got Revenge After They Were Told They Weren’t Paid to Think

It’s kind of hard to believe, but I’ve heard people who have worked in factories or manufacturing plants tell that they’ve heard supervisors say “you’re not paid to think” or “you’re only supposed to work from the neck down” (meaning, don’t use your brain) more than you’d think.

And this person shared a story about how they got revenge after they were told they weren’t paid to think.

Whatever you say, boss.

Take a look…

I’m not paid to think. Ok.

“Whilst working in a job that I’d been doing for 15 years the company brought in a freshly manufactured degree waving manager.

Any problems within the production area I was always called in to troubleshoot for them and get things moving again.

Mr F**kwittery the new manager asked me what I was doing one day and I told him that I was just thinking how to resolve a recurring issue in production.

His response was we don’t pay you to think get back to your own job.

Ok Mr F**kwittery on my way.

Cue MC.

Two hours later I get a call from the production supervisor asking for help as line six was down again. Sorry Steve call the Mr F**kwittery he’s in charge and apparently I’m not paid to think.

Tannoy goes calling me to the office.

Mr F**kwittery is a rare shade of red with anger.

Informs me that I need to go sort out the issue in production. Sorry sir I can’t do that as I don’t get paid to think and leave his office.

Smiling all the way back to my department.

Line in production is shut down for two whole shifts with people standing around scratching their heads.

MD comes to visit the next day and wants to know why the line is off. Maintenance guy tells him he can’t understand why it won’t work properly. MD says has Tom had a look for you.

Maintenance guy says Tom won’t come over because apparently he’s not payed to think.

MD says who the hell said that to him?

Maintenance guy tells him Mr F**kwittery told him that when he had just helped us out the other day.

MD calls Mr F**kwittery to the line and tells him that I’d been with the company since he founded it and I know more about this production facility than the people who designed it. And wtf are you doing telling long term staff that they’re not paid to think.

MD calls me to ask if I can help out as a favour to him. I Came across and spent five minutes realigning a couple of sensors and the line was restarted.

MD takes me to lunch offers me an extra 150 a week and tells me that the only person I answer to in future is him and him only.

To this day that manager still scowls whenever I see him around.”

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